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Life After Prison by Silencieux (PDF) novel Chapter 16

Chapter 16 

Severin’s head was buzzing. He could not believe that he had a child, and wondered if that chubby and adorable girl named Selene was his daughter. 

“That little girl…is my daughter?” Severin shook his head and found it hard to believe. 

Diane walked up to Severin and gritted her teeth. All the suffering she had experienced in the past five years were concentrated into the tears that welled up in her eyes. She slapped Severin without hesitation and said, “You b*stard! Don’t you remember what happened the night before you were apprehended? Do you have any idea what I had to go through in the past five years, and how much anguish I had to bear?” 

Severin was so dumbstruck that he did not even stop her slap. He could feel just how hard it was for a daughter of an aristocratic family to be kicked out of her home whilst being pregnant with a baby. It was likely that she had gone through the nine-month pregnancy alone, with no one to even 

care for her. 

Her life was already hard enough, yet she still gave money to his parents during the past few years. The sum that she gave them every month was probably all her hard-earned money from delivering food! 

At long last, Severin finally remembered what happened on the night before he was apprehended. 

That night, he had knocked Easton unconscious after smashing the beer bottle over Easton’s head. 

Shocked by what he had done, he ran out immediately because he knew that he would be in for trouble. Panic-stricken and terrified, he finally found himself at a bar after wandering around in a doozy. Once he went in, he drank like there was no tomorrow and numbed himself with alcohol in the hopes that he would forget everything when he woke up. 

Sometime later, a beautiful woman who seemed to be in a bad mood came in. She sat across from him, and the of them clinked glasses while drinking together without even asking for each other’s names. 


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