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Life After Prison by Silencieux (PDF) novel Chapter 150

Chapter 150 

After all, Stanley was their common enemy because of how often he bullied her family. She was well aware of that fact. 

At this time, the old lady also looked at Stanley. “Do you think I’ve been oblivious to what you’ve been doing in the past few years? Everything’s been going downhill in the past three years, and you’ve even learned how to falsify accounts! What do you take me for? A senile old woman? Our family has lost a lot of money in the past two years, and if this continues, we might not even be able to keep our spot as a third-tier upper-class family!” 

Stanley lowered his head in an instant and he no longer had the confidence he had before. Clearly, his silence spoke volumes. Furthermore, he did not expect that the old lady had been secretly investigating the company’s accounts, to the extent of knowing about his fraudulent practices. 

“Grandma’s the wisest! Our family company thrived when Diane was the general manager!” When Megan heard the old lady making such a remark, she immediately chimed in too. 

After thinking for a while, the old lady said again, “You’re all my family, and I don’t want our future to be ruined simply because of personal interests. Don’t you think it’ll be a joke if we can’t even keep our status as a third-tier family?” 

“You’re right. We must secure a future for the Shanahans!” Felicia felt that her chance to return to the glory days was within reach, and she continued, “By the way, Mom, you don’t need to worry so much about it. I’m sure Severin will handle it well. The most he’ll have to do is be a little 

shameless. I believe that Mister Henry will still show him some courtesy nonetheless!” 

All of a sudden, several bodyguards ran in. “Bad news! Bad news!” 

“What’s the matter? Why are all of you making such a fuss!” The old lady had been somewhat upset at first because it was obvious that Severin was forcing her hand. However, for the sake of the Shanahans’ future, she had no choice but to ask Severin to help her secure the Liberty City project. Moreover, Stanley had been incompetent, and she was very disappointed as a result. Having someone else take over as the general manager was an option she previously considered, but the lack of a suitable candidate hampered her from making a decision. Diane’s return would be a good opportunity to finally set that plan into motion. In addition, she was also very much. aware of Diane’s business acumen. 

Just as she was feeling very upset, the bodyguards ran in, and she glared at them impatiently as a result. 

“The head of the Chavezes is here with Mister Rufus. They’re asking us to hand over Severin and Miss Diane or else they’ll start attacking the Shanahans!” a bodyguard said meekly. 

“What?!” The old lady was taken aback when she heard that. The Chavezes were a second-tier family, and one that the Shanahans would not dare to offend under normal circumstances. 

‘Why are the Chavezes here all of a sudden? The old lady wondered. She then looked at Severin and asked, “Did you offend them, Severin?” 


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