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Life After Prison by Silencieux (PDF) novel Chapter 151

Chapter 151 

When Severin heard that, he could not help but frown. “Rufus does seem a little overly enthusiastic about getting revenge. I didn’t expect him to come looking for us after I taught him a little lesson. earlier!” 

Stanley was overjoyed when he heard that and immediately said, “You’ve screwed up big time, Severin, The Chavezes are a second-tier family, and Rufus is the eldest son of their patriarch. Who are you to teach him a lesson? Are you trying to get yourself killed?” 

“Seriously, Severin? Of all the people you could’ve provoked, did you have to choose him? Our family won’t be able to help you anymore!” William added. 

Felicia was also shocked to see Rufus’s appearance, but she remembered that Severin only beat Rufus because Diane allowed him to. Besides, Felicia was earlier irked by him too. After thinking about it for a bit, she stood up for Severin. “Mom, you have to protect Severin. It was Rufus who crossed the line when he picked on us while we were buying cars. Severin only beat him up after having enough of him. And to make things even worse, we were already about to leave when Rufus ordered his bodyguards to stop us from leaving!” 

“Yeah! You need to help Severin! He’s part of the Shanahans now, isn’t he?” Judith was also startled by the sudden development and urged Catherine anxiously. 

“Think about it, ma’am. If something happened to Severin today, there won’t be anyone else left to be your intermediary with Mister Henry. I heard that the Liberty City project is priceless, and annual profit would probably cost tens of millions a year!” Maurice then said. 

The old lady looked at the two of them and then said calmly, “Let’s head over and have a look at the situation. I will most certainly help him if it’s within my ability to do so.” 

It could be seen from her remark that she did not plan to abandon Severin like that. 


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