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Life After Prison by Silencieux (PDF) novel Chapter 162

Chapter 162 

Severin’s intention was not to kill them, but only to teach them a lesson. More importantly, their tone suggested that she had borrowed money from them and failed to pay it back. He viewed with disdain those women who liked borrowing money with high interest rates. In his opinion, most of them were vain individuals who liked to spend what they did not have, hence their predilection to borrowing money from shady people. 

That those men had gone to such lengths just to get her to pay them back was a clear sign of a problem on her part. 

“Thank you for saving me!” After the woman buttoned up her clothes and saw that the men had run off, she stood up with reddened eyes and thanked Severin. 

“No thanks necessary. I was just here by chance.” Severin glanced casually at the other party and froze instantly! He frowned. “Cousin? Is that you?” 

It had been five years since he went to prison, and obviously he had not seen his cousin for very long already. He almost did not recognize who she was in her short sexy skirt and makeup- covered face. She had been a hardworking and thrifty girl who never used makeup before, so it was surprising to see her like that, particularly because she was wearing revealing clothes and black lace stockings! ‘Is she still the same innocent cousin I used to have?” 

After he returned from prison, Judith and Maurice told him that his aunt’s family had been very kind to them and even lent a total of eight thousand dollars to their family. Severin had too many things on his plate during the past two days, and he completely forgot his plan to invite his relatives over as a housewarming of sorts when he could treat everyone to a meal and return the money to them. 

His cousin, Queenie, was none other than the daughter of his aunt, Marie. Had he not bumped into her earlier, she might be facing some big trouble. 

“Severin? It’s you?” She made use of what little light she had to try and look carefully at him. She was surprised when she saw that Severin was standing in front of him while wearing designer brands. He did not even remotely look like the son of a poor family, or like someone who just got out of prison! On the contrary, he looked just like a rich kid! 


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