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Life After Prison by Silencieux (PDF) novel Chapter 163

Chapter 163 

“You’re going to return it to us? Pfft. Can you even afford it? Do you think it’s just the eight thousand dollars? You owe our family much more than that?” Queenie had a resentful look in her 


Severin’s heart was in turmoil. He never imagined that his cousin, who had such a good 

relationship with him back then, would look at him with that kind of gaze. He knew that things were not as simple as they appeared to be, and he could only wonder what could have happened to her family. 

“What happened, Queenie? Why do you owe all that money, and why would they be so forceful with you?” Severin decided to ask Queenie. 

Queenie smiled bitterly. “You said you wanted to pay us back, right? Then let me ask you this: where did your family move to now? I was told yesterday that you had just been released, so I went to your house to look for you. Imagine my surprise when I found out that you’d 

all moved away and there was no one there! I couldn’t get through to your parents either.” 

Upon hearing that, Severin smiled wryly and said, “I’m really sorry, Queenie. My parents changed their numbers after I bought them new cell phones, and we didn’t manage to inform you yet. I didn’t think you’d come looking for us yesterday. My plan was to return the money to you. sometime tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.” He then paused and looked earnestly at Queenie before asking, “What’s the deal with those guys from earlier, Queenie? You haven’t told me anything yet!” 

Queenie saw that Severin seemed to be telling the truth, so he sighed and said, “I’d rather we not talk about it, but it has to do with my mother’s operation some time ago. Our family didn’t have enough money, and we were short of another eight thousand, so my father wanted me to go to your home and ask your family to return what you borrowed. But I knew that your family doesn’t have any money, especially since your parents are forced to pay Easton every month.” 


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