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Life After Prison by Silencieux (PDF) novel Chapter 165

Chapter 165 

“Wait a second…you have a wife now? Didn’t Uncle Maurice say that Aunt Judith and your wife were both worried about you?” As the three of them walked out of the bamboo forest, Queenie recalled something and could not help but ask Severin with a puzzled expression. 

She clearly had no idea that Severin already had a wife. All she knew was the gossip that Severin had gone to the wedding of his ex-girlfriend Lucy to make a fuss only moments after being. released from prison. However, she did not know the full details of it. Her creditors had been pushing her a lot recently, so once she found out that Severin had been released, she called Judith and Maurice but was surprised when the call could not get through. Her first thought was that Severin had run off with his parents as soon as he was released because he did not want to pay back their family’s money. 

After all, many people were like that. 

Severin smiled indifferently. “Well, I have a wife now, and lots of things happened when I least expected it. It’s a long story, but I also have a daughter too!” 

Queenie’s heart skipped a beat. She was not surprised that Severin had gotten a wife that quickly because she assumed that he had married a divorcee who had a child from a previous marriage. Then again, she felt that Severin should count himself lucky because it was already good enough that a woman who had a child was willing to be someone who was just released from prison. 

“That sounds nice. You got a wife and a daughter in one fell swoop, so I suppose your parents can now breathe a sigh of relief.” Queenie nodded, looked at Maurice who was walking up ahead, and reminded Severin in a low voice, “By the way, you cannot tell your parents I’m working at a bar, or that the money I borrowed hasn’t been paid yet. And it goes without saying that you cannot tell my parents either. I just told them that I borrowed money from some friends and I’ve already paid them back.” 

Severin nodded. “Don’t worry. Your secret’s safe with me.” 


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