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Life After Prison by Silencieux (PDF) novel Chapter 166

Chapter 166 

Queenie felt as if a weight had been lifted off her shoulders because Severin could finally help her repay the nine thousand dollars she owed. That would mean she would no longer have to worry about those guys causing trouble for her again. 

“You need to squeeze in a bit, I’m afraid.” After Severin returned to his seat, he said to Queenie who was about to get in the car. 

“Don’t worry! I’ll carry Selene!” Judith immediately carried Selene over and hugged her in her arms. “I didn’t expect that woman to be you, Queenie!” 

After Queenie sat in, she smiled awkwardly at Judith and said, “Aunt Judith, it was all thanks to Severin that I was saved from those horrible perverts…” 

Severin smiled and then made a short introduction. “By the way, this is my wife, Diane. Honey, this is my cousin, Queenie. She’s the daughter of my aunt, Marie. She and her family helped my parents a lot in recent years.” 

“Hello, Queenie!” Diane turned around and smiled at Queenie. 

Queenie looked at Diane in the front passenger seat and felt a little surprised. “Diane? Why does that name so familiar? Let me think…” A thought then occurred to her and she asked in surprise,” Are you the Shanahans’ eldest daughter? The same Shanahans that are a third-tier family?” 

“The very same one!” Severin remarked with a smile as he drove. 

“She’s famous for being beautiful, and she lives up to her reputation!” Queenie smiled. “She’s a keeper.” 

“She definitely is!” Severin laughed out loud. 

Diane, who was sitting by his side, could not help but feel a little sweeter in her heart when she saw Severin’s happy face. 

“By the way, I hope you don’t mind me asking, but I seem to remember that Miss Diane doesn’t have that good of a relationship with her family?” Queenie asked politely as she glanced at the car and frowned while thinking a bit about the situation. 

She knew that Diane had been kicked out by the Shanahans in the past, and rumor had it that Diane lived a very poor and terrible life after that. That being said, she wondered where did Severin get the money to buy that car, because it did not seem to add up if she were to chalk it up to Diane being rich. 

Severin then answered without waiting for Diane to explain, “That was before. Diane now has a good relationship with her family, and she’s also the general manager of the Shanahan Corporation. No one would dare to look down on her in the future!” 

“I see! It’s great to hear that she’s back on good terms with her family.” Queenie smiled, but she took it to mean that Severin had gotten together with a rich woman. All in all, it was a very good. development, firstly because Diane was good-looking and her family is rich. Secondly, she only had one daughter, and since Diane was young. Severin could always have another child with her in the future. In Queenie’s opinion, the outcome was good enough for Severin even though he had to 

become a stepfather for someone else’s child. After all, he was lucky that Diane did not look down. on him considering his past. 


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