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Life After Prison by Silencieux (PDF) novel Chapter 19

Chapter 19 

“Twenty minutes are up!” Lucy had been staring intently at the time, and she immediately reminded Trevor when she saw that it had reached the 20-minute mark. 

Trevor nodded and signaled for the Loughs’s bodyguards to go ahead. To his astonishment, however, the Shanahans’ old lady had reached the second floor just as he was about to raise his 

hand. Her two sons came with her as well, along with several other members of the Shanahan family. Behind them were than a dozen bodyguards, all of whom were wearing in black suits. There were more than meets the eye for everyone there. 

Although there were not a lot of people from the Shanahans, the Loughs’ bodyguards consciously gave way when they saw that the Shanahans had arrived. After all, the Shanahans were a third-tier upper-class family. Their sheer influence dwarfed the Loughs, and the latter simply could not afford to piss the Shanahans off. 

Several guests began to gossip when they saw the Shanahans making an appearance. 

“The Shanahans came? Guess they’re still going to help Diane.” 

“At the end of the day, she’s still a part of them. Her family benefited greatly from many of her contributions back in the day. Looks like the Loughs won’t be able to do anything to Diane and Severin today!” 

Lucy’s eyes were filled with disappointment. “They’re really here!” Severin had ruined her wedding and she did not want to pay back all that money he was demanding from her. All she hoped was that the Loughs would kill Severin, or at the very least, cripple him so that he would not bother her family again in the future. 


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