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Life After Prison by Silencieux (PDF) novel Chapter 20

Chapter 20 

Diane’s initial plan was just to inform her father, William, about the situation. Believing that a couple of remarks from William to the Loughs would be enough to persuade the other party to back off, her plan backfired when William brought both her uncle, George, and her grandma, Catherine along. 

William glanced at Severin and sighed. He was obviously disappointed with Severin, for he never thought that his daughter would get together with someone so worthless. It dawned on him that it was probably the reason why his daughter refused to say anything when asked about the child’s father. 

Such a man was not worthy of being associated with the Shanahans, especially not a woman like Diane who had both beauty and brains. Diane’s mother, Felicia, glanced at Severin and took a step forward. As she looked coldly at Severin, she said. “So you’re the one who ruined my daughter’s life? If it weren’t for you, she wouldn’t’ve been kicked out of the house, and our life wouldn’t have been so sufferable!” 

Severin knew that he was the cause for Diane’s suffering, and that of her family as well. There was nothing he could do except smile awkwardly and say, “I know that I’m the one to blame for everything that happened, but I hope I can set you at ease when I say that I’ll treat Diane well from this moment on. I had no idea that Diane suffered so much for me in the past, and I vow to make her the happiest woman in the world!” 

“You? Treat her well?” A young and beautiful woman stood up at that very moment. She looked at Severin with contempt while saying sarcastically, “These clothes you’re wearing…it’s been years since you last bought new ones, right? They don’t even fit at all, and you look like a sorry excuse of a man. Where did you get the nerve to declare that you’re going to my sister the happiest woman in the world?” 

“Enough, Megan!” Diane pulled a long face. She glanced briefly at Severin before saying to Felicia and Megan, “You can’t put all the blame on him for what happened in the past. I was the one who decided to give birth to Selene! I can’t bear to part with my child! She’s my flesh and blood!” 

“How can you be such an idiot, Diane? You’re now defending the man ruined your life! I really don’t know what else to say to you!” Megan shot back in anger. She pointed at Severin and continued to chastise Diane, “Look at him! He’s a poor man! Do you honestly think you have a future with him?” 

“I said, enough. I’m thankful that my daughter’s father is back. We’ll just work hard together from now on. I don’t want my child to be fatherless!” Diane sighed, and there was a somewhat bitter. smile on her lips. Severin could tell that Diane had little hope for him, and with good reason. After all, everyone viewed him as a good-for-nothing ex-convict with neither money nor power. 

Catherine shook her head in dismay when she saw Diane’s attitude. “Leave this poor boy, Diane. I don’t want to hold this against you anymore’ after all these years. You are and will always be a Shanahan, and our family will always welcome you back with open arms if you agree to come back.” 

“Grandma…you’re willing to let me go back home?” Diane seemed a little surprised. When she was kicked out of the family all those years ago, she remembered how heartbroken she was when she saw her grandmother’s unwavering gaze. 

In the eyes of the Shanahans, their reputation and dignity were more important than her. 

The old lady nodded. “You just need to leave him. Now that Selene’s father has returned, let him take care of Selene. We’re not heartless people, of course. You’ll get to visit Selene every month, and you can also give her some money for her monthly living expenses. How does that sound?” 

Diane laughed at herself when she heard those words. She smiled at the Catherine and said, ” Thanks for your kindness, Grandma, but I’m sorry to say that I won’t leave my daughter behind. Besides, I believe Severin based on what he said. If he’s willing to be a good father, I’m just as willing to give him a chance!” 


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