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Life After Prison by Silencieux (PDF) novel Chapter 24

Chapter 24 

Trevor then asked, “Are you sure your men can put a fight against my men when your side has barely half the number of our bodyguards?” 

At that moment, however, one could see through the window that a middle-aged man was leading a group of men to surround the hotel. A number of those people barged in directly, and the total number of individuals that had arrived was probably at least several hundred. 

“We’re done for. The guys from Draco Hall are here!” Denzel’s expression sank when he saw the situation outside. 

“W-w-what are we supposed to do?” Diane was extremely anxious. 

“Come here, Diane. Are you sure you want to die along with a poor nobody like Severin? Don’t you care about your daughter at all?” Felicia squeezed through the crowd, grabbed Diane’s arm, and dragged her to where the Shanahans were standing. 

William, who had also turned pale with fright, hurried over and took Diane’s other arm in an attempt to help his wife pull Diane away from Severin. 

“Think about Selene. How would she react if she loses her mother?” Megan immediately tried persuading her elder sister. 


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