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Life After Prison by Silencieux (PDF) novel Chapter 25

Chapter 25 

Blade was nearly two meters tall. His body was particularly robust and he had bulging muscles. The short-sleeved T-shirt that he wore accentuated his chest muscles, and they were big enough to rival an average woman’s bosom. His bronze-colored arm muscles instilled fear in people, while his thick eyebrows and sharp eyes were brimming with might. 

When he arrived, he rubbed his bald head and asked Trevor in a hoarse voice, “Tell me, who do you want me to kill?” 

Trevor had yet to even utter a single word when Easton said impatiently, “It’s him! That b*stard ruined my wedding and even tore off one of my fingers! Kill him. No, wait, killing him would be going too easy on him. I want you cut off his meat bit by bit, and have the pieces thrown it into the river for the fish to-” 

Before he could end his sentence, Blade gave Easton a backhand slap that left Easton feeling all dizzy. 

“B-B-Blade? You hit the wrong person, didn’t you? I want you to hit Severin! Not me!” Easton covered his face with a bewildered expression. 

Blade smiled coldly and said, “I don’t need you to order me around. That question I asked was directed toward your father, not you! Don’t forget that I’m only repaying you a favor. I’m not your servant, and a brat like you has no business ordering me around!” 

The corner of Trevor’s mouth twitched a few times. He gave Blade a bun when Blade was at his lowest, and in return, Blade promised to owe him a favor. 

Had it not been for the Loughs’ lack of options that day after suffering such utter humiliation, he would have saved that favor for another time. 

Trevor glared at Easton at once. “You idiot! Know your place and keep quiet! Now back away!” 

There was nothing else Easton could do except heed his father’s order. After all, he knew just how ruthless Blade could be. 


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