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Life After Prison by Silencieux (PDF) novel Chapter 26

Chapter 26 

Blade’s lip twitched a few times. His expression became gloomy and a murderous aura began to surge all around him. “The ignorant ones are always the bravest! How dare you rebuff a gesture from the Draco Hall’s second-in-command!” 

Severin smiled coldly and shot back, “I don’t care if the first-in-command is here! I’m not going anywhere today unless I get my forty thousand back!”* 

“Have you completely lost it, Severin? Apologize to him!” Diane was so anxious that she was on the brink of tears! Losing a hand would be better than losing a life, yet he remaiend just as impudent as he always was! 

“Do you see it now, Diane? He’s still thinking about money at this kind of time! I honestly think that being poor made him crazy enough to provoke Blade!” Megan said, then added with a snicker, You’d be better off coming back with us and considering Edward. One and a half million is a very generous offer!” 

Diane shot Megan an irked glare. “Don’t mention that name to me again!” Edward was a name that never failed to trigger Diane’s anger. In fact, the Shanahans had been pressuring her to marry Edward five years ago! They pestered her day in day out, all because the Horsfields were a second -tier upper-class family, and they were the most likely to become a first-tier upper-class family. 

The Shanahans wanted her to marry Edward because then they could associate themselves with someone who was rich and powerful. Diane was averse, disgusted even, with the idea. She did not want love to become a mere business transaction. That was the reason she decided to go drinking one fateful night. 

With the alcohol getting to her head, she happened to chat with Severin, who was in just as bad a mood as her. Then, out of nowhere, she made a bold decision to get a room with Severin. In any event, she did not expect to have gotten pregnant from that one-night stand, and it was even more shocking that man who took her first time was arrested the next day and sent to prison for offending the Loughs. 

It was only a few months later that she found out that Severin had gone to prison, but by then, she was already far along her pregnancy and had decided to give birth to the child. Sometime after that, she found out about Severin’s situation at home and learnt that his parents were being harassed every day into repaying their debt. She could not bear to let that happen, so she secretly helped the old couple every month. 

Blade was already fuming at that point. He clenched his fist and struck a punch right at Severin’s face. He could feel the strength pouring from his body as he lowered his center of gravity to open himself up. 

“Awesome! Now kill that b*stard with one punch!” Easton was ecstatic when he saw Blade make a 


Severin, however, struck a punch at the same time as well. His punch did not seem too strong, but the gust of wind that came along with it collided with Blade’s punch. 

“That ring!” Blade gasped when he saw the ring on Severin’s finger. It was the exact same one in the painting that their leader had once shown them! Blade did not expect the Dracodeus Ring to be with someone like Severin, and he was terribly frightened when he thought of it. 

A dull sound was heard, and Severin stood there steadily while Blade staggered a few steps back. When he finally stood still, blood began to rise up to his throat, though he was able to stop himself from actually vomiting a mouthful of blood. 


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