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Life After Prison by Silencieux (PDF) novel Chapter 34

Chapter 34 

Severin smiled and clinked glasses with them before drinking his glass of red wine. 

The Shanahans had just returned home by then. As soon as they got out of the car, Catherine asked Felicia, “Just how much do you know about Severin? How could he rub shoulders with someone like Henry? Henry was being so respectful to him too, and judging from that attitude, he probably holds Severin in very high regard!” 

Felicia suddenly smiled awkwardly. “We have no idea either. Diane refused to tell anyone who Selene’s father was, and we didn’t even know that he was the same person who offended Easton five 

years ago. It was only today that we found out that Selene’s father is an ex-convict!” 

The old lady frowned, looked at Felicia and William. “You’re well aware that the rules are always used against those who are powerless. Since Severin was imprisoned back then, we can be sure that he used to be an ordinary person with neither money nor power. However, having Henry’s protection right now means that there is more to Severin than it appears on the surface. There must be something special about him!” 

William seemed to feel that his mother was trying to imply something, so he asked, “What do you mean?” 

Catherine pondered for a moment. “The past was the past. It’s been so many years since then. I think you should let Diane and her family move back here. What are three extra mouths to feed? We can still afford to expenses to take care of them.” 

William was overjoyed to hear that and immediately sought to confirm what Catherine just said.” Do I understand you correctly, Mom? Are we letting bygones be bygones? Does this mean you’re fine with Diane, Selene, and Severin moving back here to stay with us in our villa?” 

The old lady’s face sank. “Have I not made myself clear enough?” 


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