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Life After Prison by Silencieux (PDF) novel Chapter 35

Chapter 35 

Catherine thought about what Felicia said and eventually replied, “A dowry of one-and-a-half million dollars is nothing. It’s not like we lack that kind of money. What’s more important is building a relationship with the Horsfields. It would indeed be good if Diane marries into their family!” 

“Yes! Exactly!” Felicia’s eyes lit up. For the record, after Diane was kicked out of the Shanahan home, the money in Diane’s bank card was all taken back by the Shanahans. 

Though Felicia, William, and Megan were still living with the Shanahans, they had been sidelined by Stanley. 

William was never a capable person to begin with, so he could only work in the company’s warehouse. The salary was not very high to begin with, but Stanley slashed his salary and even came up with all sorts of reasons to deduct it even further. In the end, his pay was peanuts. 

Felicia did not work, so she spent her free time playing bridge with her friends. 

Megan, on the other hand, graduated from university only recently and had yet to find a suitable job. Besides, there had been no shortage of money when Diane was still the company’s general manager. Life was good for Megan, so it follows that she would most certainly look down on normal jobs. 

Without Diane’s income, their family’s life became difficult overnight. Stanley even took the car that the company provided to them. It was frustrating to constantly be pushed around by 


The potential million dollar dowry that Felicia was eyeing would make their family’s life a whole lot better. 

That being said, the Shanahans did give them some money every month for their living expenses, but those few hundred dollars that they received were far from sufficient for Felicia and Megan. They were used to the high life, and a measly couple of hundred was barely enough for them to purchase some better handbags. 


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