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Life After Prison by Silencieux (PDF) novel Chapter 37

Chapter 37 

“You son of a bitch! I can’t believe you accepted that key! I think we should find a chance to return it!” Diane’s brows furrowed as she walked on the street with Severin and Selene. 

“Return it? Wouldn’t it be rude to return it after I’ve already accepted it?” Severin frowned. “Don’t get so worked up. It’s just a house! He gave it to us so we could stay there, so that’s what we’ll do! We just so happen to need a house right now too, and my parents’ house is also really run-down!” 

“What do you mean ‘it’s just a house’? Do you know how valuable that house is? It’s a villa in Dragon Lake Vista! Not even my grandmother could buy a unit there now that they’re all sold out. The Shanahans couldn’t afford it last time, but when they finally had the means to buy one, no one was willing to se! Living in this villa doesn’t just prove that you’re rich-it’s more of a status symbol!” Diane immediately explained to Severin “The Longhorns bought one that’s the biggest out of all the others and has the best location! It’s worth at least eleven million!” 

“Really? That old man is quite the big spender then!” Severin was awestruck. 

“You weren’t planning on keeping it, were you?” Diane was dumbstruck because the villa was simply too precious. 

“Think about it, if I returned a gift that was already given to me, won’t that be the same as slapping Henry in the face? And besides, I didn’t know it was THAT expensive. I thought it was only worth about a million!” Severin smiled wryly. “It’s okay, if the Longhorns need my help in the future, I’ll be sure to help him. Besides, I saved his life once. That’s an old man’s life we’re talking about. That’s gotta be worth more than this house, right?” 

“Fine!” Diane nodded. It would indeed leave a bad impression if the keys were returned to Henry. She could only blame Severin for accepting it in the first place. Still, she did not think that Severin would be able to help the Longhorn family in any way. 

After pondering briefly over it, Diane said, “You’re too impulsive, you know that. You offended both the Loughs and Blade today. They only let you off out of respect for Henry. I’m worried that they might come back in the future to settle scores with you! Henry already returned your favor to him by giving you a house and treating you to a meal. We can’t expect to always rely on him if we find ourselves in trouble, right?” 

Severin smiled slightly when he heard her worries. “Don’t worry, honey. Neither the Loughs nor Blade are a match for me. I’ll give them a good whacking if they so much as dare to lay a hand on you and Selene!” 

Diane rolled her eyes at Severin. “You and all your big talk! This attitude of yours is going to land you in hot soup sooner or later!” 

Moments after Diane ended her sentence, she pondered for a moment. “Don’t call me ‘honey’. It sounds weird to me!” 

Severin looked at Selene prancing happily in front of him. “Hey, don’t say that in front of Selene. Don’t you 

think we need to be more loving toward each other? And besides, you’re the mother of my daughter, so in my heart, you’re my one and only honey. I’ll marry you even if it’s the last thing I 


After walking for some time, they soon found themselves at a mall. 



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