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Life After Prison by Silencieux (PDF) novel Chapter 38

Chapter 38 

“The clothes here are expensive. Let’s go someplace else!” Diane immediately urged when she saw Severin walking toward the entrance of the big shopping mall. 

Severin patted the bag he was carrying. “This bag is full of dough! What’s there to worry about when we have a hundred and ninety thousand dollars here?” 

In response, Diane glared at him and rolled her eyes. “As much money as you have right now, it’s still important to spend your money sensibly. Why do you have to act like someone who got rich overnight?” 

Severin smiled. “If I’m honest, I don’t really care about my clothes, but things have changed now. I have a wife and a daughter, two people whom I mustn’t let suffer. I’ve never bought you two clothes or gifts, so the least I can do is spend like there’s no tomorrow on you two! It’ll be just this once!” 

“Pfftt!” His words amused her and she felt her heart warm slightly. 

Her life was undoubtedly difficult during the past five years and she had been the subject of everyone’s disdain. During the initial two or three years, she was forced to bring Selene with her when she was out working as a food delivery person. Since Selene had gotten older and was more obedient, she could let Selene stay home and watch television while she was out working. Needless to say, she was still a little reluctant to just leave the little girl alone like that. 

Even so, life was generally very overwhelming for Diane, and she felt like she could not even manage to get a breather. After all, Selene was getting older and was almost at a kindergarten- going age. The little girl could only look on with envy as other children around her age were already going to kindergarten. 

Severin would have to spend ten years in prison before his sentence was complete. When she thought about how his release was still five years away, Diane made countless considerations and wondered if it was about time that she gave up on waiting for him and just settle for some rich young man. There had been a few of those rich men who had shown an interest in her during the five 


She had no problem enduring hardship, but it broke her heart to see Selene suffer. It was ridiculous to wait until Severin completes his sentence and earns some money to afford kindergarten, as Selene would already be nine years old by then. 


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