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Life After Prison by Silencieux (PDF) novel Chapter 39

Chapter 39 

“Go ahead! Buy whatever you want!” Severin said with a smile. 

“Dad! Mom! Hurry up!” Selene was in a buoyant mood as she walked, and it was clear that her happiness was different than usual. 

“I’ve never seen her so happy in a long time!” A smile appeared on Diane’s face as she looked at Selene. The only reason she could persevere up until then was because of her daughter. 

Severin grinned. “That’s because she saw her parents being all lovey-dovey with each other!” 

“Quit it. When did I get lovey dovey with you?” Diane rolled her eyes at Severin and quickened her pace. Severin soon led the two of them into the shopping mall. 

“Don’t go to the second floor!” Diane stopped him in a panic when she saw him planning to go up to the second floor. 

“What’s wrong?” Severin frowned. “Doesn’t the sign above say that the second floor is for women’s clothing?” 

That was when Diane explained. “The stores on the first floor are cheaper. The most expensive ones are several hundred dollars. The second floor is where all the luxury brands are, and they can cost up to tens of thousands!” 

Severin, however, held the bag in one hand and carried Selene up with his other hand before walking toward the elevator. “How am I going to spend an arm and a leg if you don’t buy something more expensive? Besides, my wife is such a beautiful woman, and it’s only right that she wears beautiful clothes too!” 

“I can’t believe this man…” 


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