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Life After Prison by Silencieux (PDF) novel Chapter 41

Chapter 41 

Edward was fuming with anger, which was to be expected given that he had been waiting several years for Diane. Furthermore, her parents’ attitude toward him the other day seemed to suggest that they were in favor of the marriage. It was hard for him not to get angry when he saw Diane shopping with other men. 

Diane walked out in the beautiful dress, and at this moment, she looked even more angelic after changing out of her food delivery uniform. Even Severin was mesmerized by the sight of her. 

There were hints of elegance in her beauty, yet her cold temperament was still very much prevalent in her characters. Furthermore, her womanly nature was even more pronounced then, which could perhaps be attributed to her being a mother! 

“How do I look? Does it look pretty on me?” Diane felt a little embarrassed when she found Severin staring at her, and her face blushed slightly as she posed him that question. 

“It looks divine! How could it not look anything but beautiful on you? It’s almost like it’s tailor-made for you, Diane!” a man’s voice remarked suddenly from behind Severin before the latter could even say anything. 

Severin frowned and sensed that something was wrong. His tone was overly affectionate with her, and it hinted at a much deeper relationship. 

“Mister Edward? Why are you here?” Diane frowned slightly when she saw who the man was. A bad feeling arose in her heart right then. After all, he was not someone they could provoke, especially since Edward was the scion of a second-tier upper-class family. Not even the Shanahans would dare to offend him. 

Severin turned around and looked at the man. “Ah, so you’re Edward! You’re a wealthy man, aren’t you, so much so that you were willing to offer one-and-a-half-million as her dowry!” 

Edward frowned when he heard that and looked at Severin. “Who’s this guy, Diane? Please don’t tell me he’s your new man. If you didn’t want to be with me, I’d feel a whole lot better if you could at least date some other rich young man instead of being together with garbage like him. Seeing you here with some loser is an insult to me. Are you trying to imply that I’m worse than some poor villager?” 


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