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Life After Prison by Silencieux (PDF) novel Chapter 42

Chapter 42 

At that moment, the woman next to Edward sneered and said, “Are you that clueless, Edward? Do you honestly think that this woman can endure loneliness? She’s probably the kind of woman who pretends to be chaste but slept with a lot of men in reality. These people are very good at putting on a facade, you know. There’s a word for these women-hypocrites!” 

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“To hell with you. I don’t care if you want to demean me, but don’t you dare say woman!” Severin clenched his fist again after hearing that. “You deserve a spanking!” 

“Edward, look! This loser here wants to hit me!” The woman immediately hid behind Edward, but ironically, her expression seemed to warn him not to lay a hand on her. 

However, Diane pulled Severin forcefully and shot him a look that signaled for him not to be impulsive. 

She then stepped forward and said, “Do you think I’m that kind of woman, Edward? Besides, you have a wife, and yet here you are shopping with another woman and telling me that you love me. It seems to me that you brought that woman here just to disgust me!” 

“Edward’s rich. Why would it matter if a rich man has other women outside of their marriage? Isn’t that normal? You’re the one who shouldn’t be a hypocrite you know. Look at you pretending to be all pure when you’re leading Edward on while dating some other man! Who are you trying to fool by acting all innocent?” The woman shot back like a rabid dog in response to Diane’s remark. 

To everyone’s surprise, Edward slapped her with the back of his hand. “You stupid b*tch! If you don’t have manners when you talk, then don’t bother talking at all. I know Diane. You’re barely even half as good as her. 

“Edward, I…” The woman covered her face in shock. As aggrieved as she was at what happened, she did not dare to say another word. 


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