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Life After Prison by Silencieux (PDF) novel Chapter 76

Chapter 76 

On the other hand, the one–eyed man’s group surrendered as soon as they saw that Blade had brought so many people there. After a brief conversation, they squatted on the ground and put down the weapons in their hands. When Blade arrived, he addressed Severin respectfully as ‘ Mister Severin‘ and assisted Severin with subduing the entire group. Severin then thanked them and went upstairs alone. 

When Blade saw Severin coming down the stairs with Diane in his arms, he immediately stepped forward and asked concernedly, “Mister Severin, is your woman all right? Just saw the word and I’ll make sure these people won’t live to see the sunrise tomorrow!” 

Severin smiled faintly. “Thank you for the gesture. My wife is fine, but I’m just curious why you. were willing to help me?” 

Blade grinned sheepishly, and came up with a random excuse: “Well, the main reason is that Draco Hall has beef with the Cedar Gang.” 

“I don’t think it’s that simple,” Severin remarked pointedly. 


was then that Blade answered him awkwardly. “Would you be okay with coming to Draco Hall tomorrow? Our supreme commander wishes to meet you. We have been searching for you everywhere today, and we went to your house to look for you! That’s when we found out that moved, and our lead ended right there!” 

“Oh, your boss wants to see me?” Severin frowned and was a little surprised. 


Blade’s heart skipped a beat and he secretly thought to himself, ‘This man really does keep a super low profile. Doesn’t he know that he’s the supreme leader of Dracodeus Temple? Why is he still trying to play dumb at this time?” 

Nevertheless, he did not reveal Severin’s true identity to anyone there since he knew that the supreme leader of Dragondeus Temple had always been an enigma. Revealing Severin’s identity might well make him unhappy. As a result, he could not answer that question directly and merely smiled awkwardly while saying, “Yes. He wants to see you. You’ll know why once you go there tomorrow!” 


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