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Life After Prison by Silencieux (PDF) novel Chapter 77

Chapter 77 

Jada was so angry that her face was turning red. She never once thought that those from Draco Hall would interfere with their business and be so intolerant of such issues that they felt the need to step in. 

Alas, she knew that her only option that night was to admit defeat. Though she came from a third- tier family, Draco Hall was an entity that they did not dare to and could not afford to provoke. After all, not even a second–tier family would have the guts to challenge them. 

“Hehe, Blade…sir, I only did that because I wanted to teach Severin a lesson after he embarrassed me today. I swear that our restaurant doesn’t scam people! But since you’ve decided to let Severin go, then we assure you that we’ll respect your decision!” Jada smiled awkwardly and had no choice but to concede to him. 

Before long, Blade left with his two hundred men. 

When he was finally out of sight, Jada asked One–Eye, “What happened? Why did Draco Hall’s people show up so suddenly?” 

One–Eye signaled for his men to get up and then said viciously, “It’s all because of one damn. underling that owed one of their men tens of thousands of dollars but still hasn’t paid back. When they came, they grabbed that person and chopped one of his fingers off. They wouldn’t even entertain my offer when I told them I’d pay back the money on my underling’s behalf!” 

As soon as Easton heard that, he said, “Damn! Severin always gets lucky! The debt that One–Eye’s subordinate owed Blade is the only reason that Blade came in here, asked about the situation, and let Severin go because of the injustice!” 

“Yeah! I wouldn’t’ve let that kid leave if that didn’t happen!” One–Eye was fuming with anger too. 

“Okay. Thanks for your hard work. it’s getting late, so you should bring your men back to get some rest. I’ll transfer seventy thousand dollars to you soon. Treat it as medical expenses for the finger that your subordinate lost, plus all those other people who got injured today.” 

Jada frowned and finally allowed One–Eye and his men to leave. 


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