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Life After Prison by Silencieux (PDF) novel Chapter 91

Chapter 91 

“Done. You must hand over seven million dollars of dowry within a month! Haha. Let’s wait and 

see. If you really did it, I’m going to do more than accept you as Diane’s husband. I will be sure to call you gently and softly. I can even wash your feet!” Megan mocked. 

Obviously, she did not believe in the crap Severin said. 

“Haha. Everyone heard that. My sister–in–law has specifically said she’s going to wash my feet for me if I fulfill the promise!” Severin laughed again when he heard what Megan said. How stupid of Megan to say such a thing. 

“Severin. Stop it! I know you don’t have the money!” Diane’s face was looking more and more terrible until she finally reprimanded him angrily. 

“Don’t worry. I’m not bluffing!” Severin said seriously. 

Felicia could not be bothered to waste any more time with Severin. It happened that she just recalled the purpose of this visit. She looked at Diane. “Diane, are you sure you are only willing to go back when grandma comes to pick you up personally and apologize to you?” 

“Yes.” The old memory flashed through her mind. Her eyes were determined. 

“Hehe. By the looks of it, I think you are not keen on going back. You know grandma is never going to let down her ego!” Felicia smiled and shouted at William who was enjoying the tea. “Stop drinking! We’re going now!” 

William stood up embarrassingly and smiled at Diane. “Diane, no matter what decision you made, I will always support you!” 

Felicia nearly lost her breath after hearing what William said. “Let’s go, you piece of sh*t! You’re the one who spoilt her!” 


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