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Life After Prison by Silencieux (PDF) novel Chapter 92

Chapter 92 

“Honey, what nonsense are you talking about? I really can afford to give your parent the amount I said. I want to prove to them that you did not marry the wrong guy. And I really want to throw you a wedding. I swear. Can you please trust me?” Severin put his hand to swear. 

The genuine look on his face did not show he was lying. 

Diane thought for a while and thought she had figured it out. “Oh, I know! Are you thinking about selling this villa? I think it costs at least twelve million dollars. The main thing is there are not many villas like this out in the market. I presume we can sell it at thirteen million dollars. Right?” 

Before Severin could explain, she continued, “Severin, if you are trying to prove yourself by selling this villa, do you think my parent will think otherwise of you? Leaving them aside, I will look down on you. Although this is a gift from Henry, do you think it is appropriate for us to sell it right after he gave it to us?” 

Severin did not know if he should be crying or laughing at this point. It amazed him to know Diane thought he was going to sell this villa. The worried look on Diane’s face had assured Severin that she would be frightened if he show Diane the balance in the card the old wacko gave him. However, there was no choice available other than revealing the card to her now. 

Once he set his mind, he said, “Honey. What is that? I already told you I have the money. I met a generous man in prison and he gave me a bank card with money in it!“. 

“Ha, ha! What generous man could have seven million dollars?” Diane smiled disdainfully. 

Severin thought about it and said with gritted teeth, “It’s three hundred million dollars!” 

“three hundred million dollars?” Diane doubted. “Severin, can you stop with the bluffing? Do you really think that man is so stupid to give you three hundred million dollars?” 

Severin was lost for words. To avoid this problem, he had already lowered the amount to a number he thought Diane would believe. Yet, Diane still did not believe him. Luckily, he did not tell her the real amount! 

“I’m serious! I’ll be damned if I lie to you!” Severin put his hand up to show his honesty. 


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