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Life After Prison by Silencieux (PDF) novel Chapter 94

Chapter 94 

“Yeah! We’re going to the amusement park! Hurray!” Selen was dancing and waving her hands with joy. 

her As a matter of fact, Diane was still angry at Severin. Having seen this harmonious moment, anger decreased a little. However, she still insisted to find out if Severin was bluffing. It was really hard for her to believe a generous man would teach him medical knowledge and martial art and also give him three hundred million dollars. Unless the generous man was an idiot. 

On the way to the bank. Severin was afraid Fabian needed more than 10 minutes to settle the bank card so he purposely drove very slowly. 

When they were at the bank, Diane said to Severin, “Look, the cash withdrawal machines are over there. We can go check the balance with the machine!” 

Severin frowned. ‘I still haven’t got the bank card yet. What should I do?’ he thought. 

Luckily for him, Fabian had been waiting for him since a long time ago. As soon as he spotted Severin, he walked over with a smile and pretended to ask Diane, “Ma’am, can I help you with anything?” 

When Diane looked over at him, he quickly put the bank card behind his back. Severin saw it and was excited. Without any delay, he quickly took the bank card when Diane was not noticing. 

“Honey, let’s go over there to check our balance!” he said. 

Diane walked away first and Severin was slightly behind her. He made an ‘Okay‘ hand gesture to Fabian. Under careful monitoring from Diane, Severing slotted the bank card and keyed in the pin 


“Six’s zeroes!” Diane was speechless when she found out what the pin number was. “It’s too easy 

to remember. You need to change it later!” 


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