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Life After Prison by Silencieux (PDF) novel Chapter 93

Chapter 93 

Ever since Fabian Winter, the bank director, saw the figure in Severin’s bank account, he had been suffering from insomnia. ‘That amount of money! How could a person be able to save that amount of money?’ he thought. 

It would be wonderful if he could keep a good relationship and connection with that man. The bad part was the man did not contact him even once after he gave the man his name card. 

While he was dozing off out of boredom in his office, his phone rang abruptly. It was an unknown number. He rejected the call immediately because he disliked having spammer call him. However, the same phone number was calling him again within a few seconds. 

Fabian answered the call. “Hello? Who is this? I’m not interested in taking a loan or planning to renovate and I don’t…” 

Before he could finish his sentence, Severin sounded panicked. “Mister Fabian. I have a favor to ask. I’m Severin Feuillet.” 

“Severin Feuillet? Who are you? Hmm, I don’t remember your name. Do I know you?” Fabian tried to think hard from the list of people with wealth and power. That name did not seem to be on the list so he got frustrated. 

“Have you forgotten? I’m the one who scared Preston’s wife and had her peed herself at the bank yesterday morning.” Severin frowned. He did not expect Fabian to forget him so soon. 

“Oh! It’s you!” Fabian was shocked and nearly dropped his phone when his hands trembled. He quickly grabbed his phone tightly and swallowed his saliva. 

Instantly, his voice changed too. “Oh, my dearest customer, Mister Feuillet. How may I assist you? I, Fabian Winter, am willing to be at your service!” 

“Can you please apply a new bank card for me? I need it now! And also transferred three hundred million dollars to that card. Oh, and a few thousand dollars too just to make it look real!” 

Severin thought for a while and said, “Can you do that now? Like within ten minutes?” 


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