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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 346

Chapter 346 You've Lost the Happiness as a Woman

Half a month later, the coal mining company of Elizabeth's husband was investigated completely.

It was widely disclosed that five people were killed four years ago, and the deep-pocketed coal boss was directly detained and could be jailed for at least 20 years.

Elizabeth was utterly devastated.

She wanted to see Kenneth but was stopped by Kaleb.

Kaleb earnestly said. "Ms. Dylan, Mr. Ryan originally intended to have a long-term cooperation with you, but we didn't expect your husband to commit a crime, so the cooperation could only be canceled!"

Even if Elizabeth was thick-witted, she noticed something unusual.

But with her status, she didn't dare to offend Kenneth at all, and she could only beg him to spare her.

Kaleb smiled calmly.

"Ms. Dylan, just think about who you have offended."

Elizabeth was stunned.

It took a long time before she murmured, "It's Madelyn!"

Kaleb just said, "Mr. Ryan's younger sister passed away early, so he devotes all his affection to Ms. Green. How he cares about her! Ms. Dylan, just think about it carefully. You didn't even inquire clearly before doing things. It's foolish of you to make such a mistake!"

Kaleb left after speaking.

Elizabeth was sitting alone in the seat, shoulders dropping thoroughly!

She picked up a cup of coffee, and although she tried her best to hold the cup steady, her hands kept trembling... She didn't want to believe that she had worked hard for many years and still lost to Madelyn.

She thought, "Madelyn didn't even do anything to me, and I lost to her badly just like a drowned rat! No! No way! Christian cannot fall from power. Even if I humbly plead with her, I must keep him."

When Elizabeth walked out of the cafe, it was raining outside. The hot and dry weather in early autumn became much cooler by the drizzle.

Outside the villa, the drizzle was misty.

Madelyn was sitting in the pavilion in the backyard, fiddling with a vase.

The flowers in the vase were all planted by her.

A servant came over and whispered, "Mrs. Clark, Ms. Dylan wants to meet you!"

Madelyn blinked gently.

She had already seen today's news and guessed that Elizabeth would come to beg her, but she didn't expect it to be so fast.

She smiled faintly and said, "Just tell her I'm out!"

The servant nodded and left.

At the gate of the villa, Elizabeth walked back and forth anxiously with an umbrella.

As a last resort, She could only beg Madelyn.

Elizabeth thought no matter how ruthless Madelyn was, they were still old classmates, and it was reasonable to help her for old time's sake as long as she was willing to beg Madelyn.

From a distance, the servant came over with an umbrella.

"Ms. Dylan, I'm sorry. Mrs. Clark is out! You can come next time!"

Elizabeth certainly knew that it was Madelyn's excuse.

She was sure Madelyn was at home.

Elizabeth was not reconciled and shouted at the gate regardless of the circumstances, "Madelyn! I know you are at home. Why do you refuse to see me? Yes, I did something bad to you, leaking your privacy. But that didn't really affect you, did it? Are you going to hound me to death?"

The servant said with a gloomy face, "Ms. Dylan, don't embarrass me!"

She thought, "Mrs. Clark has a good temper and won't care about it. But if Mr. Clark goes home, he will definitely blame me."

Elizabeth was so angry that she threw away her umbrella, grabbed the black carved gate, shook it desperately, and cursed, "Madelyn, come out! Don't play dumb! Do you think you're better than me? Have you forgotten how you pursued Daniel in the first place?

"You said, you will always love Daniel in this life!

"Well, you are just like me! All you love is power!

"You don't love Benjamin. I can't find the slightest love in your eyes! Madelyn, this is your retribution. You always have a condescending attitude to me, and now your retribution is coming."


Elizabeth knew that Madelyn would not help her, so she simply turned nasty.

Madelyn heard all her words.

She calmly ordered, "Let the security guard drive her away!"

When the security guard grabbed Elizabeth and throw out her, Elizabeth was as unscrupulous as a shrew in the rain, and those unpleasant words kept coming out of her mouth.

"Just keep your dull life!

"Madelyn, you have lost the happiness as a woman."

"I think you may feel more comfortable and excited when you have sex with Daniel than with Benjamin, right?"


A golden Bentley slowly came close.

The car window was rolled down in half.

Benjamin heard Elizabeth's words clearly.

There was no expression on his handsome face.

Elizabeth turned around and saw him.

She rushed up and patted the car door. The rain kept pouring into her mouth. She said desperately, "Mr. Clark, I beg you to help me! Please let Madelyn spare Christian! I am willing to do anything for you."

She flattered herself that she was good-looking and she wanted a man to love her.

Elizabeth thought that Benjamin couldn't get sexual satisfaction from his wife, but she believed she could satisfy him.

The golden Bentley Continental GT stopped.

The windshield wipers in front of the windshield kept swaying from side to side.

Benjamin was sitting in the car in a precious suit, looking indifferent but elegant when he lowered his head to light up a cigarette.

Elizabeth knew she was a bitch.

Her beloved man was Daniel, and she had been with many men as a lover. But when a clean man who had never had an affair with other women appeared, she still wanted him.

She was jealous of Madelyn.

Benjamin slowly blew a smoke ring and looked sideways at Elizabeth. And only that look was enough to make her besotted with him.

Elizabeth murmured, "Help me!"

Benjamin said coldly, "I asked someone to deal with your husband! So he fell from power. Ms. Dylan, I am not Daniel. I never collect trash!"

He felt women like Elizabeth were extremely dirty.

Benjamin put out the cigarette.

Then he said to the security guard, "What are you doing here? Pull her away and get out of my way."

Elizabeth was stunned.

Benjamin's car started slowly. When he passed her, he suddenly stopped the car again.

In the car, he was personable and his side face was very charming, but he said coldly and ruthlessly, "I care about Madelyn very much! If you do something bad to make her unhappy again, then I don't mind destroying what you care about most."

What Elizabeth cared most about was Daniel.

She hated but also loved him!

Benjamin thought if Daniel became down and out, this would be what Elizabeth couldn't stand the most.

The car window was rolled up.

Benjamin, the elegant and aloof man, drove slowly into the villa.


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