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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 350

Chapter 350 Daniel Died in a Car Accident! (2)

At night, Madelyn received a call from Daniel's sister Sophia. Sophia said in a voice choked with tears, "Madelyn, Daniel is dying! Can you come to see him one last time?"

Madelyn was in a daze for a moment.

The last time she saw Daniel was on the day of the school anniversary.

Sophia cried and said, "He had a car accident! He is on his deathbed but keeps calling your name. He even still holds the necklace for you in his hand."

The phone in Madelyn's hand dropped...

Late at night, she appeared in the hospital dressed in black.

Daniel still passed away before Madelyn's arrival.

The white cloth covered his face.

The Campbell family cried sadly. Putting aside Daniel's character, he had always been his family's pillar, but at this time he was gone all of a sudden.

Seeing Madelyn, Sophia burst into tears. "Daniel, Madelyn is here!"

Madelyn walked over slowly.

Under the incandescent light, she gently uncovered the white cloth. Daniel's face had been wiped clean and looked the same as usual, except that it was paler than usual.

Madelyn gently stroked his face and whispered, "Daniel, the grudges between us have long gone, and I stopped blaming you a long time ago! Why bother?"

Daniel was in a car accident near Madelyn's house.

When the ambulance came, he still held the necklace in his hand.

Madelyn had mixed feelings.

She had loved Daniel and also hated him deeply, but these feelings would dissipate with his death. There would be no more Daniel in this world.

Tears rolled down from the corner of Madelyn's eye...

She slowly covered the white cloth and whispered, "Goodbye, Daniel!"

Madelyn didn't stay much and left soon.

When she reached the aisle, Sophia caught up.


Madelyn turned her head.

Sophia approached slowly, her voice hoarse from crying. "On his deathbed, Daniel asked me to give you two things! He wanted you to take a look."

The two things were the necklace and a key.

Sophia covered her lips and said, "Daniel bought the necklace with all his sincere blessings, but no one gave him a blessing."

Madelyn took the things in silence.

Sophia sniffled and continued, "Madelyn, my mom is too embarrassed to apologize to you. So, she asked me to apologize to you. She said that if she could persuade Daniel back then, maybe you two could live a very happy life! He... He really loved you! Madelyn, what I'm most afraid of is that you don't believe that he liked you... Actually, he hasn't had a good time these years!"

Madelyn was also inconsolable.

After all, everyone's first love was unforgettable!

Besides, Daniel didn't acquire a peaceful end.

Madelyn sat in the car, Henry looked at her expression and asked softly, "Mrs. Clark, are we going home now or..."

Madelyn lowered her head.

In her hand was the key.

She said softly, "I want to go somewhere!"

Henry didn't ask anymore and drove the car directly to an old residential area in the east of the city. He didn't follow Madelyn, sitting in the car and waiting.


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