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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 347

Chapter 347 Madelyn, Let's Have Another Baby!

The dim lights fell on Benjamin and Madelyn, casting long shadows.

They looked at each other, but no one spoke.

For a long time, Madelyn's words were lingering in Benjamin's mind.

"He is also the father of my two children."

In fact, Benjamin always knew that Madelyn was willing to make up with him because she wanted to give Everest and Francis a complete family. Otherwise, she would never forgive him for what he had done.

But when he heard her say something like she didn't love him, he still minded it.

Finally, Benjamin said in a low voice, "It's very cold outside. Why don't you put on a coat?"

He slowly stepped forward, thoughtfully helped Madelyn drape the coat over her shoulders, and then buttoned the coat.

Madelyn stared at him.

She wanted to say something but felt unnecessary.

Elizabeth looked at them. At this moment, her jealousy of Madelyn reached its peak. Elizabeth thought, "Why? Why is Benjamin still passionately devoted to her? He clearly knows that she doesn't love him!"

When Benjamin holding Madelyn left, Elizabeth couldn't help but speak behind them.

"Mr. Clark, she is not worthy of you!"

Benjamin turned his head slowly.

His face looked even colder in the light, and his voice was cold and indifferent. "Ms. Dylan, you should be glad that Madelyn has a kind personality, otherwise do you think you can still attend such a party?"

As long as Madelyn wanted, let alone 71 million dollars, Elizabeth would get nothing.

Elizabeth didn't believe it.

She thought she lost to Madelyn just because of Kenneth. Now that she and Madelyn were making movies at the same time, she was confident that she could win this time.

Her lips curved in a smile as she watched the two leaving.

She thought she had found a breakthrough.

At this moment, Vivian came over, leaning on the wall, and sneered, "Hey, what bad idea are you thinking again?"

Elizabeth turned around suddenly.

She and Vivian were mortal enemies. Back then, she hooked up with Jackson, but Jackson was more concerned about Vivian, so he refused to divorce. Then she came up with the idea of gaining one sperm. But she didn't expect that she would lose both Jackson and wealth in the end.

And she gave that child to someone.

Elizabeth raised her head slightly and snorted, "Just wait and see!"

Vivian didn't care about her.

She knew that with Madelyn's power in the business world for several years, Elizabeth was far from an opponent!

It just depended on if Madelyn wanted to deal with Elizabeth.


Downstairs, Benjamin opened the car door for Madelyn.

She sat in, but he did not close the door, staring at her deeply.

Madelyn fastened the seat belt and said slowly, "Benjamin, if you want to quarrel, go home first!"

Benjamin's eyes were deep.

In a moment, the car door slammed shut.

After getting in the car, Benjamin drove a little fast. Madelyn was actually a little uncomfortable.

But she endured the discomfort.

Half an hour later, Benjamin drove to the apartment.

Since it was a quarrel, neither of them wanted to scare the children, especially Everest. She was very sensitive.

The night was slightly cool.

Madelyn and Benjamin entered the apartment. He still remembered the last time they had sex intimately here, but at this time he was depressed and angry.

He pressed Madelyn against the door.

Trying to suppress his anger, he said, "Madelyn, am I really not worthy of your love at all? Am I really not worth your hard work again?"

Madelyn was a little helpless.

She said softly, "Let's go in and talk after changing shoes."

Benjamin refused.

He still pressed Madelyn and stared at her with deep eyes.

Madelyn slowly straightened up.

She looked at Benjamin and smiled faintly, "Benjamin, come on! Didn't you know that before? Or do you think I haven't tried? Yes, I am locked into this marriage for the sake of my children. But what else can I do? To see Francis has no Dad or Mom at a young age, or to make Everest unhappy?

"Benjamin, what you want, I actually tried my best to give you! You asked me to see a psychiatrist, and I did so! You even wanted to have a new child, and I agreed!

"Isn't that enough? Benjamin, are you greedy or am I greedy? Are you dissatisfied or am I dissatisfied?"


Madelyn simply said all the words that had been suppressed for a long time.

"After so much, my psychological expectation has really decreased a lot! But you are different. You still want the perfect love, but Benjamin, I have been scarred and battered after so many years. You can't ask me to be as simple as a young girl after going through so much!"

Benjamin's eyes were deeper.

He slowly let go of Madelyn and asked in a very hoarse voice, "Madelyn, is that from the bottom of your heart? You will never be able to love me like you used to, will you?"

Madelyn showed a smile, looking more ill-favored than when she was crying.

She didn't want to quarrel with Benjamin.

She thought, "It was him who said he was willing to stay with me and willing to stay with me for the rest of his life. But, only a few days have passed after he gave me the promise."

Madelyn was very calm. She said calmly, "Benjamin, if you really want to get love, just go find a young girl or find someone willing to love you!"

Madelyn suddenly understood something.

She thought, "It turns out that only I'm satisfied with such a dull marriage."

Therefore, Madelyn was willing to let go of Benjamin.

Benjamin's eyes became stern. He rarely lost his temper and rarely had an uncontrolled state.

A vase hit the ground and splattered with debris.


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