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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 349

Chapter 349 Daniel Died in a Car Accident!

When Benjamin arrived home, it was close to midnight.

A light was left in the hall, and it was quiet everywhere.

Benjamin went upstairs to see the children first, then loosened his tie, and went to the master bedroom. Madelyn was already asleep, and there was only dim moonlight in the room.

Standing at the end of the bed, Benjamin watched for a moment, then walked into the bathroom.

His coat and shirt smelled of tobacco and alcohol, and he took them off in the laundry basket.

After taking a shower, he lay behind Madelyn.

Madelyn's breathing was very even, but Benjamin knew she was awake. She just didn't want to talk to him.

Benjamin kissed the back of her neck and whispered, "Don't you ask me anything?"

Madelyn's body froze slightly and she didn't speak.

Benjamin thought of those people's teasing tonight and her words that she asked him to find young girls. Dissatisfied, he held her slender waist and pressed his body tighter.

They had never had such a silent sex, and no one spoke from start to finish.

It was just like giving a silent vent.

Even so, Benjamin still remembered to use a condom. Madelyn even didn't take a shower after the sex and fell asleep while still lying on her side...

Benjamin lifted the covers and got up.

While taking a shower, he wondered how they got to this point.

Benjamin didn't see Madelyn's expressions, so his mood was even worse because of this sex.

Early in the morning.

Madelyn stayed at home to do housework.

The clothes that Benjamin took off last night were packed in a laundry bag, ready to be sent to the laundry by a maid for dry cleaning, but Madelyn smelled a faint smell of perfume when she picked up the shirt.

That perfume was the one used by young girls.

Madelyn was stunned.

She thought, "He came back so late last night. Did he retaliate against me or declare war on me by allowing a woman to get close to him?"

Madelyn checked again and found no lipstick mark on the shirt.

However, when she smoothed the coat, a business card with fragrance fell out of the pocket.

[Great Times Media, Willow Colton.]

Half an hour later, Willow's information was delivered to Madelyn.

Willow, 21 years old, a new actress, was young and beautiful, with good acting skills.

Madelyn pinched the photo.

The Willow in the photo looked very like Madelyn. If someone looked at it carefully, he would find that Willow had plastic surgery. Clearly, Willow's goal was Benjamin.

And Benjamin even took the scent of perfume home.

Madelyn thought, "When Willow stuffed her business card into his pocket, he possibly might know, but he just wanted to sound out my attitude."

Madelyn slowly burned the information.

Gloria lowered her voice and said, "Great Times Media is a new company, and the boss is...Elizabeth."

Madelyn looked at the firelight.

She gently rested her head with her slender fingers.

Gloria hesitated for a moment and said softly, "Ms. Green, shall we teach her a lesson secretly? She's just a new actress, and it's no big deal!"

Madelyn asked slowly, "Shall we tie up and beat her up, or find someone to make a sex video with her?"

Gloria clapped her hands in agreement.

Madelyn gave her a stare.

After a moment, Madelyn said softly, "Not only do I not teach her a lesson, I also want to make her famous!"

She thought, "Just a female star! What she wants is just to be popular! Then I will help Elizabeth to make this girl go viral..."

Gloria was slightly stunned.

Madelyn smiled slightly, "Pull my strings to give her a few good resources and make her go viral in the shortest possible time... By the way, check her plastic surgery records and her past!"

Gloria looked at the calm face of Madelyn and swallowed hard.

Then Gloria followed orders immediately!

That day, Willow got an invitation to a popular variety show. She more or less thought that it was because of Benjamin, so she wanted to call and thank him.

But she didn't have his personal phone number, so she could only call his company.

After call forwarding several times, Paisley answered her call and said politely, "I will tell Mr. Clark about it."

Willow hurriedly thanked Paisley.

Willow put down the phone, and Elizabeth was on the side.

Elizabeth smoked a slender cigarette and said slowly, "You are still too simple now and can't compare with Madelyn! Don't think you can win just because you are young. Compared to temperament, Madelyn has been cultivated by a rich and respected family, and you're no match! But you won't be worse than her when you become an A-list actress!"

Willow was the ace in Elizabeth's hand.

Elizabeth would spend a lot of money to make her popular!

Every man knew how to choose between a young and beautiful lover and a wife who was against him.

Elizabeth left the office building.

Unexpectedly, she received a call from Daniel. She was in a daze for a long time when she saw the call.

Finally, she answered the phone and said in a harsh voice, "Mr. Campbell, why are you calling me today? I thought you'd forgotten about me a long time ago."

"I need to meet you!"


Daniel hung up the phone.

He was in his office, playing with the emerald green necklace in his hand.

Madelyn asked her assistant to return the birthday gift he gave, and she didn't even leave a word for him. He really didn't understand why she refused him since she had a bad life now.

Daniel raised his eyes slightly and looked at the picture on the laptop.

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