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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 345

Chapter 345 Did You Feel Good Last Night?

Inside was a flawless diamond ring, with around 12 carats.

Eloise was stunned and her eyes quietly became moist.

A few years ago, when she was still with Kenneth, many times she imagined in his arms that one day he would propose to her with a diamond ring. At that time, she was full of expectations for the future.

However, now, their child was beginning to grow up, and the diamond ring was still in Kenneth's pocket.

Eloise didn't know who was more unfortunate between them.

Emerson snuggled up to Eloise and asked softly, "Why are you crying, Mom?"

Eloise shook her head.

Madelyn caressed Emerson's little head and held him in her arms. Then she said in a very low voice, "Eloise, although I haven't asked about the ring, Kenneth has always mentioned you intentionally or unintentionally over the years. I think this diamond ring is for you!"

Madelyn did not intercede for Kenneth, because Eloise devoted four full years of youth to him.

After all, a woman's youth only lasted a few years.

Madelyn took Emerson away. Eloise still had unfinished work, but she was in a very bad state. She was crying badly in the car. At this moment, she seemed to be back to the day she was abandoned by Kenneth, full of helplessness.

Kenneth's coat was over her lap.

Eloise knew Kenneth did all this on purpose just to trap her by his side.

She thought, "This jerk! He almost betrayed himself for his so-called career. And now he's so cheeky even to take out a ring and show it in front of me!"

Eloise cried with her face covered in tears.

The cell phone rang, and the assistant found it was Kenneth's call.

The assistant had worked for Eloise for a long time and naturally knew something about her and Kenneth. The assistant said softly, "It's a call from Mr. Ryan!"

"I don't want to answer the phone."

The assistant hesitated for a moment and then answered the phone.

Kenneth didn't know it was Eloise's assistant who answered the phone. He said in a soft and gentle voice, "Eloise, have you seen the diamond ring in my pocket? Keep it for me. I will use it to propose in the future."

The assistant got goosebumps hearing this.

She swallowed hard and said, "Ms. Clark is crying!"

Kenneth was silent. After a while, he said, "Put her on the phone! If she refuses, I'll come over right away."

Eloise heard his words.

She took the phone, her voice nasal and hoarse. "Kenneth, what exactly do you mean? Back then, why did you think that I couldn't wait for you? Why did you think that I was just an ignorant little girl and did not deserve to be your wife? Now why do you think I have to wait for you?"

After speaking, Eloise felt so uncomfortable that she hung up the phone directly.

The assistant put away the cell phone and was shocked by Eloise's words.

She thought, "Ms. Clark and Mr. Ryan are actually talking about getting married!"

On the other side of the phone, Kenneth sat in the back seat and gently stroked the phone.

Eloise was right. Kenneth indeed deliberately gave her his coat and deliberately made her see the diamond ring. He was such a scheming person.

Kenneth thought, "After many years, she has finally grown up! But it seems not, otherwise, she wouldn't cry so badly."

Kaleb heard the conversation between the two. He turned his head in front and said softly, "You can coax her later. After all, children are always happy with candy."

Kenneth said with a faint smile, "If you still treat her like a child, she will be unhappy."

He thought, "My little girl is already in her early 30s after all."


Madelyn took Emerson home.

Benjamin got off work early, picked up Everest, and went home. When he saw Emerson, he touched his head.

In the kitchen, Madelyn was getting the ingredients for dinner ready.

Benjamin went in, hugged her from behind, and asked in a low voice, "Are Eloise and Kenneth bickering again?"

Madelyn paused.

She looked down at the hands moving around her waist and bit her lips gently. "Benjamin, stop it. Children will come in and see this at any time, and it's not good."

Benjamin gently bit Madelyn's tender neck and pecked her on it. "Everest has seen it many times!"


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