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The Billionaire's Sex Slave novel Chapter 1


I gripped the sharp knife as the crimson liquid dripped from it. I knelt on the floor, with tears streaming down my face. My heart sank as I watched the man I loved lying on the floor. I crave to touch him, but I can’t. I wished to kiss him, but disgust deepened. I despise him, but I loathe myself further.

I picked up the phone that rested on top of the drawer. Even though my hands are trembling, I even contend with dialing the ambulance station number. On the first ring, they answered the call.

“911, what is your emergency?”

“Go to 2187 NYC Urban Calm, High town C. O Clark.”

I at once turned off the call and went to the second floor. Even with a bloodstain on my hand, I just kept packing. As soon as I'm done, I washed my hands and rushed out of the house.

I sprinted to the primary gate and hailed a taxi. Before entering, I peered repeatedly at the mansion that has been a significant part of my soul, stuffed me with fantasies, and made me feel I was not alone again.

But in just one paper I discovered and a photo I saw, it all collapsed. It was as if a serpent had wound me and was late to treat because it was deliberately poisoning me.

I just sobbed in the taxi. I looked again at the house I had stepped on before eventually determining to neglect everything.

“I’ll start again… but this moment, without you.”

Chapter 1

“Authorities found out that the source of the deaths here was because of refusal. We asked some witnesses about the matter. They claimed that the citizens didn’t wish to go, and they created the outbreak themselves,” the commentator announced while holding a mic and with a focused camera.

I threw them a sharp glare with bloodshot eyes because of nonstop weeping. Most of them may have fought back, but that wasn’t enough reason to execute them! I closed my eyes and recalled what happened.

“We will provide you three months, thus you will require to leave this place unwillingly or willingly!” A man shouts with the construction helmet on his head. He might be the engineer or architect leading the project.

“How did that happen?! In a long moment, we have remained here, why now?” our neighbor fired back who was also afraid of losing her home because she was alone in life.

“It’s not our responsibility if you don’t have your land to build a home on. Go back to where you came from!” The engineer shouted again. None of us could speak because he was right. The government still does not give us the land we live in today. We are the communities that they call squatters because we cannot get our land.

The development workers and the guy we were speaking to had turned away, so we went back to our homes, also. “Mom, why can’t we just leave here? Let’s just find a house somewhere. I’m sure we can find a cheap place to rent and easily find a job too,” I suggested.

I’m Caroline Miller. I’m 22 years old and presently working part-time at a convenience store. I didn’t finish college because my mother and father were not getting enough money to pay for my school. But it’s still okay because I graduated from high school. I am an only child, and I’m giving everything I can to help my parents.

I snap back to my senses when my dad pointed out our problem, “We don’t have savings money to leave this place. If we move now, it will be a slow process before we’d get employed and paid off.”

In the pressures of life, dad was right. We didn’t finish high educational attainment, so the opportunities were elusive to us. I sighed and walked to the kitchen. I can’t argue. Even if I want to help them, I don’t know-how. It surprised me to hear footsteps following me. I was about to look when someone hugged me from behind.

“Just a little patience. We will make it and set up a house on our land,” my mother said and beamed.

“Let me take care of it, and I will find a way for us to get out of here. Come and let’s dine. I’m hungry. Aren’t you hungry too?” I asked.

Mom separate from the hug and laughed, “Come on! Your father and I have been hungry for a while because that engineer’s shout deafened us," We chuckled, and laughter permeated our home.


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