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The Billionaire's Sex Slave novel Chapter 52

“Brother! Speed ​​up your driving.” I immediately closed the car window because we might be hit by a gun. Why did they get here so fast? How did they track me down right away?

I was already worried since I didn't know how I was going to get away from them. I shuddered as they banged into the window as the driver accelerated even further. Furthermore, I was scared he'd get involved, so I moved in front of him, but I suppose those men spotted me because they shot again, luckily, and I sat in the front seat as the gun went off again.

“Ma'am, why is someone firing?!" The driver was scared and panicked. I also don't know why they are here, and there appears to be no hesitation in wanting to take my life.

“I'm sorry! Brother, please hurry, and then when they are away from us, you will come down. I want to avoid involving you anymore!” I was raising my voice because we could no longer hear each other because of the gunshots. The road became zigzag, so that was our way to escape immediately. I instantly stepped on the driver's foot and then pressed the speed.

I opened the door of his car as we crossed the zigzag road. Because we were already on a flat road, I stepped on the brake for that stop. He was still perplexed as to why I had opened the door, and I had not informed him that I was about to force him out when I noticed the pursuing guys approaching us.

“MA'AM !!! MA'AM!”

Sorry about that, brother! I trod on whatever was on my feet and immediately changed gears. I'm not sure which one to step on because I don't know how to drive. All I want is for the driver to stay away from me because my pursuers have weapons. The car began right away. I drove it with my eyes closed, and the speed was set. I'm not sure where this vehicle is heading. All I want to do is get out of here.

But no matter how fast my car was, I was still overtaken by cars holding guns. They crashed my car into the edge of the barriers. I could hear the crack of the door on the iron barrier. I don’t know how to do what they do to cram the car on me.

My heart is racing. This appears to be the end of my life. I never imagined that karma would come to me so swiftly as a result of what I did to Andrius. What's the deal with their tardiness? Why did that happen when I was simply trying to obtain justice for what they did to my daughter, Cole, his parents, and my parents? Why does the world fool me?

They scuffed up the car I was driving. I'm not sure how far we've come. I had assumed this route was straight and there was nothing to sight but sea seawater. As they pulled the cab from the scramble and lowered the window, I pondered. I saw the man with the gun's face as he grinned at me. Even the driver was staring at me with a creepy grin. I can't see the road I was traveling on. Even if I look at it, I'm not sure how to keep the car from crashing with the boulders because they're obstructing the side where I can turn the car.

“No. It can't end everything like this.” I whispered to myself, I looked at the rock about to hit my car. I looked at the two smiling men and sneered back at them.

I mimicked the crowding they did in my car. Not only that, but I also squeezed them on my side. Before I disappear, I will make sure I can take you with me. We passed the boulder that would have hit me, but the barricade was damaged, causing our vehicles to fall. But I don't think I'm lucky because they seem to know what I plan to do. I saw the two of them jump out of the car while I closed my eyes because the taxi I was riding in was about to fall into the water. I can smell the gas too.


When a pebble struck the taxi's front window, all the glass shattered into my eyes. My eyes feel like they're on fire. I'm unable to open them. It felt as if a few needles had punctured them; I wanted to die of the sickness, but I assumed that would be the end of it. Because my forehead smacked the steering wheel forcefully, these were most likely my final seconds. I became dizzy almost immediately. Because of the glass, I couldn't open my eyes. Why is my fate so cruel? Why does the world appear to be so nasty to me?

Lord, I want to understand your plans. If you hear me now, can I question what is happening? When I felt the water enter the car, I knew it was the last. If I can’t recover in this life, I will make sure I will make them repay in my next life. If the curse is true, I want to curse them for the evils they have done to me. I will leave lines with them.

Don’t ask me to live any longer in this life because I will go back to them and be charged with the lives they stole. Don’t ask me to live because I will destroy everything I can see in them. I will make them pay.

My soul is slowly resting. I no longer hope that I will survive today because there is no Stanley to help me. I don't have anyone anymore because Andrius took it all.

My mind went to sleep because I could no longer breathe and there was no air to catch from the water.


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