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The Billionaire's Sex Slave novel Chapter 54

I didn't respond right away to what he said. It seemed as if I am still buffering, even though he was right next to me. It's hard for me to believe. I initially calmed myself down and acted normally. I assured myself that he'd never recognize me.

“You will ask permission when you are already seated,” is not a question; what the auctioneer says no longer enters my mind; even though he was speaking in front of me, it was as if my brain was just floating about and whispering to me that I was now next to Andrius.

“Oh, right!” He chuckles then turns to me. I could see water dripping from his hair on my peripherals. “My bad.”

I was surprised when he stood up and left a few drops of water on our seat. People also looked at the two of us. What is he doing? People have lost focus on the auctioneer because he is stealing their attention. As his body grew, his hair was long, and I could see that the small beards surrounding his mouth made him look mature. His face was very different from Andrius' young face. I can't remember his old voice. I don't remember him anymore, but when I heard his voice I recognized it immediately.

"May I take a seat here?” “ He spoke to me in a powerful tone, as if he swallowed every syllable due to the depth of his voice. He is unique. We are different. We're not the same people we used to be. Young Caroline has vanished, and young Andrius appears to have completely disappeared as well.

I nodded as I turned to face the auctioneer. He didn't even recognize me, as I had imagined. If I still loved him back then. If Caroline was still in front of him right now, I'm sure I'd be upset. I'd feel devastated because how could he not recognize me if I was the person he claimed to love back then? But I didn't get that impression. I'm not feeling anything. Perhaps this is when the heart becomes exhausted.

“The rain is pouring outside,” he said, but I ignored him. He takes off the suit he was wearing and the water that had gotten into his head. Instead of being able to concentrate on what was in front of me, I became preoccupied with what he was doing.

I took out the tissue I had set aside from my purse because I was upset and had lost concentration. I threw it in front of him in the hopes that it would make him stop moving, but what, I thought, would stop him became even more terrible.

I was furious about having to confront him. Likewise, I believed he'd changed, but in the end, he didn't! The way he acts, it's as if he is constantly rushing, and when he ponders, it's as if he is still a child! I snatched the tissue from his grasp. I took a couple of pieces from my bag again and rubbed them on his dripping wet forehead. Not only that, but I took some more out and wiped his neck. He has come to a halt and is now looking at me. He looks at me, but I don't look back. I put and slap the tissue on him as soon as he spoke the words I didn't expect to hear.

“Your eyes are stunning. And you're gorgeous as well. You look like someone.” When he turned to the side as a result of what I did, I raced over to him and returned the tissue.

I just said that I would teach him a lesson so that he would know the true pain, but I immediately lost focus. I calmed myself first and thought and remembered my purpose here. I took a deep breath and then faced him again, who could not take his face away from me. I took some tissue and then softened my voice.

“I'm sorry, I'm just really surprised because I'm not used to someone praising me.” I cleaned his face again, and he didn't take his gaze away from mine, as if he had remembered every detail. I didn't tell him that I smacked him because he claimed someone looked like me. Furthermore, I don't want him to be suspicious any longer.

“I'm sorry too, I shouldn't have told you that before I met you,” he said as he extended his hand. “I am Andrius Easton.”

Even if you don't introduce yourself, I know that name very well. I know who your parents are, what your favorite food is. Even if you don't say anything, I'll know you right away. You were just standing in front of me, I knew immediately the smell of your perfume, so why do you need to introduce yourself? I wanted to tell him all that, but I couldn’t say it because I knew I still had a purpose. And things need to be accomplished.

I stopped wiping him and accepted the hand held out to me. “I am Samantha De Luna.” We shook hands. Even the curve of his palms is different now. I also let go of it immediately because I wanted to avoid feeling anything else while we were holding hands.

“So, why are you here?” He also turned to the auctioneer as the hands of people who wanted to buy the business continued to rise. My focus has also returned to the front.

We just talk as if we have a world of our own and aren't concerned with the people with us in this hall.

“My sister sent me, so I could learn more about some businesses.” I'm lying. Well, that's part of it, to know what else about another business because I'm not in the middle yet when I'm going to study how the business really should be. “You?”

We didn’t look at each other, but he turned to me when he answered. “I'm here for someone.” He smiled as if something was funny, but it could be seen in his smiles that it wasn't complete. There seems to be something missing.


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