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The Billionaire's Sex Slave novel Chapter 60

"Why aren't you paying attention to me? Wouldn't that be preferable? He'll be your fuck buddy!" Aiza poured the whiskey into a glass and put it in front of me. I swallowed it without hesitation and handed it back to her to give to me again. We're now alone at the bar counter, and I'm not sure how she managed to reserve it so that just we could enter. Easton couldn't come here because it was late at night. Perhaps this is why Aiza is so bold.

"Can you quit saying * hik * lewd things for a moment? What if I put dick on your mouth to get it to stop talking impolite things?" My voice was a little off-putting since the booze was starting to kick in. We've been drinking since earlier in the evening, and I don't believe I've seen her drink yet. Also, what if we were at a pub with a large crowd? If she uses derogatory language, she is not a woman.

"Ouch...!" What?! " I rolled my eyes at her as she slapped the back of my head, which I instantly grabbed and scratched since I was taken aback by the hit, but this woman simply laughed out loud.

"The way you speak and preach— You should be ashamed of what comes out of your mouth first. I never thought you were like this when drunk!" She can't stop laughing and grabs her stomach. Is there anything funny about what I said? I don't have any lines that I remember being funny. She positioned the wine in front of me again, and I frowned.

"How come I can't see you drinking? Are you trying to get me drunk?" I motioned with my hand to her. Because I am already bitter from the booze, there is air in my mouth. It appears to be more daring in my opinion.

"Why would I do something like that? Is it possible for me to have a plan for you?" She stroked my back, and I immediately believed what she was saying. She's correct; why would she get me drunk?

I pulled another glass down my throat and gulped it again. I shivered because the bitterness was too much for me. I rose up and nearly fell off the stool since it was too high for me. I may have continued to fall if Aiza hadn't caught me. With my stance in place, I took a critical look at the stool and wanted to kick it. Despite the fact that my body was limping, I pointed it out. With so much dizziness, I can't mend my body.

"You're fucked! You're just like them! You also wish to injure me once I have warmed you up!" I hit it, and it immediately hurt my palm." I beat it again since it didn't speak. During my halt, I glanced at Aiza, and it appeared like a question mark was going to emerge on top of her head because she was perplexed by what I was doing. When she stopped my foot, I would have kicked it again.

“Ahm. What exactly are you doing?" Her foot was blocking my foot so it wouldn't contact the iron.

I pointed to the chair with tears already in my eyes. “Look! Touch it!” I took her hand and held on to the chair that was still warm from my sitting. "See, after I heat, it wants to throw me here!" I don’t know why I’m getting angry just for this chair. I wiped away my tears.


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