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The Billionaire's Sex Slave novel Chapter 64

I'm back in the room he uses. I'm not sure why I gave in to him, even though I knew he'd only insist on me being the Caroline he was referring to. He won't let me confess it no matter what he does.

He shoved me down on the bed as the door banged shut. Because of what he did, I fixed my gaze on him. I feel like a prostitute he just purchased and has to utilize. I sustain my position with my elbows. Andrius' chest rises and falls as he tries to regain his breath. What his father did earlier was straightforward.

“You don't have to bring me here just so I can avoid your father. I can do that.” I lied to him even though the truth is that I didn't know before how to answer and leave. I thought Aiza’s story was just exaggerated to scare me about Hugo. Never imagine that it's true.

"Are you sure? Earlier, you nearly devoured the world to rescue yourself. You don't know my father, so don't make any plans for him. That's all the advice I have." He walked over to the side table and poured water into the glass. I hadn't noticed it was there until now. Perhaps it's because I'm in a rush earlier.

"I do not know what you're saying." I responded simply because I don't want the conversation to continue any further, arguing that he can't truly let me spit out. He gave me the glass, and I'm sure I swallowed so hard that the words tumbled out of my mouth.

When I finished drinking the glass, he pushed me farther down on his bed. I haven't even had a chance to sanitize my body yet; there's something else on the way. I want to protest that my body isn't ready, but it's too late as he starts kissing my neck. He sucked on it as if he were a vampire. Even though I wanted to push him since it would leave a mark, I didn't. I clutched his neck even tighter and crushed his face against mine.

"Hng ...!" I couldn't keep my mouth shut any longer, so I covered it with my palm. When I felt his erection between my legs, my body became more hotter. It was swelled, and he scratched himself so I could feel how big it was.

"You let me touch you again. Be prepared to get that in return." Those were the last words he whispered to me before he showered me with kisses and caresses.

As I knelt in front of him, he was now standing away from the bed. My words continue to engulf me. The fact is that nothing is occurring, not even a single thing. I just claimed that what occurred before would never happen again, but here I am, kneeling in front of him, seemingly imploring him to please me.


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