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The Kiss that Sparked it All novel Chapter 1258

"We both know damn well whether or not the kid is mine."

Ellinor adjusted her bathrobe, flashing a flirty smile. "Mr. Blanchet, you sure are cocky, aren't you? Are you so sure? How do you know I haven't been with any other men?"

Theo squinted, his mood darkening. "You'd really trash your own reputation just to cut ties with me?"

Ellinor stayed silent.

Theo's expression turned sarcastic. "Don't worry, I'm not as low as you think. I'm not here to hassle you. But I hope you won't get involved with any other men before my child is born."

Ellinor frowned, disliking his commanding tone. "Whether I see other men or not is none of your business!"

Theo glared at her. "Fine. Let's see how you exercise your freedom."

Ellinor asked cautiously, "What are you saying? What are you planning?"

Theo smirked. "Maybe you should get dressed first. You actually think you can go out looking like that?"

"Mind your own business!" Ellinor snapped, blushing with anger.

Theo didn't say anything else; he just turned and left the room.

Bartlett had been knocking on the door and was taken aback when it suddenly opened. He tried to rush in to find Ellinor, but Theo blocked him.

"She's changing. What are you barging in for?"

Bartlett was stunned and glanced at Ellinor in the room. She was standing there, and she seemed to be okay, so he sighed in relief.

Then Bartlett closed the door to Ellinor's room.

"Theo, I know you and Ellinor used to have something, but she doesn't want to be with you anymore. I hope you can respect her decision."

Theo stared coldly at Bartlett. "And who are you to be telling me this?"

Bartlett paused and then smiled. "I’m speaking as Ellinor's new suitor; is that okay?"


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