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The Kiss that Sparked it All novel Chapter 1257

She just stepped out of the room when she noticed that Bartlett had already gone ahead to open the door.

The door swung open, but no one came in, and no one spoke. Bartlett was visibly taken aback. He stood at the door, staring at the person outside.

Ellinor approached Bartlett, curious about who it might be. To her surprise, she saw Theo standing at the entrance. Why on earth would Theo be here?

Theo stood at the doorway, his gaze icy and somber. "Guess I've got bad timing, huh?"

His gaze made Ellinor uncomfortable. Then she realized she had just gotten out of the shower. Her hair was still wet, and she was wearing nothing but a loose bathrobe. Instinctively, she adjusted her robe, wrapping it tighter around herself.

But what made things even more awkward was that Bartlett had also just showered. He hadn't fully dressed yet, probably because he had rushed to answer the door. His pants were on, but his shirt was only half on, and the buttons were still undone, revealing his chest and abs.

So they looked like they'd just been up to something.

Realizing this, Ellinor felt a little uneasy. She wanted to explain, but then thought, why bother?

Why should she explain anything to him? They were done!

Bartlett started buttoning up his shirt, chuckling to lighten the awkward atmosphere. "Theo, fancy seeing you here! Did you come to visit Ellinor too?"

Theo's expression remained cold and emotionless. He said coldly, "After all these years, you're still the same, enjoying other people's leftovers."

Ellinor felt a pang of anger, but she couldn't vent.

In his eyes, she was nothing more than a toy he'd discarded.

Bartlett didn't seem bothered; he just smiled and gently spoke to Ellinor. "It's okay, Ellinor. I'll have a chat with Theo. You go get dressed."


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