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The Kiss that Sparked it All novel Chapter 1260

Belinda was already stressed out from facing Chase, and then he pulled this stunt!

Belinda was troubled. "What the heck are you doing? Aren't we just having lunch?"

Chase sat opposite her. His handsome face was lit up by the dim candlelight as he propped his chin up with a grin on his face. "Exactly! Can't lunch be a bit romantic?"

Belinda twitched her lips. "Maybe in the past, I would have found this romantic. But now, I just find it incredibly awkward."

Chase smiled. "Why? Because you have a boyfriend now?"

Belinda frowned, and soon she had a stern look on her face. "Yes! Having a candlelit dinner with another man behind my boyfriend's back is totally inappropriate and extremely awkward!"

Chase didn't care; he even seemed a bit smug. "If you didn't have feelings for me, you wouldn't feel awkward. So it means you still have feelings for me. Nice!"

Belinda's face turned sour; her mood was darkening. "Mr. Larios, to be honest, you're crossing the line! My affection for you is plummeting. Show some respect, will you?"

Chase leaned on his hand and chuckled. "Plummeting? That means there's room to drop, which means your initial affection was high and hasn't dropped to zero, right?"

Belinda was speechless.

She couldn't stand him anymore!

Lunch was ruined; she couldn't swallow a bite!

She ignored Chase and dialed Theo's number.

"Theo, where are you?"

A cool, deep voice came from the other end. "I'm on the road."

Belinda asked. "Are you on your way to or from the company?"

Theo asked. "What's up?"


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