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The Kiss that Sparked it All novel Chapter 1261

What should she do? How should she handle this? How should she express herself? If Jacob saw this candlelit lunch, he'd definitely get the wrong idea! How should she explain?

Jacob seemed somewhat puzzled by Belinda’s silence. "What's up, Belinda? Why aren't you speaking up?"

Belinda pondered for a bit, deciding she couldn't let Jacob come over. "Erm... Jacob, the restaurant I'm dining at is kinda far, and I'm almost done eating! How about we eat together some other time?"

Jacob seemed a bit disappointed. "But I've taken time off for this! I don't mind if it’s far; I can take a cab over to find you, and if you're done eating, I can send you home."

Belinda remained silent.

Jacob was really nice, patient, gentle, and kind.

But how could she let him see this scene?

Jacob would definitely be heartbroken.

The room was quiet. Chase could hear Jacob over the phone and smirked at Belinda. "He took time off for you, so let him come over and join us for lunch."

Belinda was speechless.

He made it sound so easy. The one who had to explain this wasn't him!

Jacob also heard Chase's voice. "Belinda, are you with someone else? Is it inconvenient for me to come over?"

Belinda was a bit flustered. "Ah! Not... no..."

"I just heard a man's voice over there!"

Belinda felt a bit guilty. "That was... Anyway, it's not what you think!"

She simply couldn't bring herself to say she was having lunch with Chase.

Jacob gave a bitter laugh. "That's okay! If it's inconvenient for you, then forget it. I won't disturb you!"


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