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The Kiss that Sparked it All novel Chapter 1262

Belinda returned to her seat, exasperated. "You're really pushing it, you know?"

Chase just smiled, unfazed by her words.

"Enjoy your meal." He said in a soft voice.

Waiters started to bring in plated delicacies.

Belinda could barely taste the food. She was too preoccupied thinking about how she would explain all this to Jacob when he arrived.

The restaurant was only a short distance from the Crescent Society, so Jacob arrived in about fifteen minutes.

He walked in with a smile, but it stiffened when he noticed his boss, Chase, in the room with his girlfriend, Belinda.

"Belinda, are you having a candlelit dinner with Mr. Larios?" He asked as he looked between the two.

Belinda let out an awkward laugh. "Um, there are candles, yes, but it's not a candlelit dinner. We just happened to be having meal together. Come sit, Jacob! Sit here! Order anything you want; Mr. Larios is picking up the tab."

She patted the chair beside her invitingly.

Jacob trusted Belinda, but being in close proximity to his boss was a bit unnerving. He gave a small bow of respect. "Mr. Larios, thank you for your generosity."

Only then did he pull out the chair and sit down.

Chase continued to cut his steak, all smiles. "I heard you were taking some time off for family matters."

Jacob tensed. "Mr. Larios, I..."


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