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The Kiss that Sparked it All novel Chapter 1264

Chase sauntered into the kitchen with the takeout lunch in hand. Ellinor shot Collin a look of blatant displeasure but couldn't be bothered to do anything about it. She then claimed her seat at the dining table, ready to dig in.

Collin was a tad worried. His brows knitted together as he whipped out his phone to report the situation to Mr. Blanchet.

“Mr. Blanchet, Ellinor's lunch is a takeout steak. Seems like no one in this joint knows how to cook.”

At the Blanchet Corporation.

Theo was buried in a meeting, listening to his underlings drone on about the data on the PPT. His phone on the table flashed twice.

He glanced at it, and his expression turned grave.

His knuckles were prominent as he tapped on the screen.

A minute later, Collin received a short response from Mr. Blanchet. “Did she have the soup?”

Collin looked up at the unnoticed thermos and sent back an honest reply. “No.”

Then he didn't hear back from Mr. Blanchet.

Even through the phone, Collin could tell that Mr. Blanchet was ticked off.

While looking at Ellinor chowing down on the steak Chase had brought back, he sucked in a deep breath, trying to salvage the situation for Mr. Blanchet. "Ellinor, since you're having lunch, how about I heat up the soup Mr. Blanchet brought for you? His homemade meat soup is way more nutritious than restaurant soup!"

Ellinor ignored him.

Collin headed over to get the thermos, but Chase blocked him and asked, "What soup? I'm not letting my boss drink some random stuff!"

Collin replied politely. "Mr. Larios, this is a soup personally made by Mr. Blanchet. It's not mystery stuff."

Chase grumbled. "That's even more reason not to let my boss drink it! Who knows what Mr. Blanchet's real intentions are? What if he's trying to poison my boss?"

Collin frowned, ignoring Chase's deliberate provocation. He turned to Ellinor. "Ellinor, you know Mr. Blanchet would never poison you, right?"


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