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The Kiss that Sparked it All novel Chapter 1265

Ellinor shot a glance at the soup and just kept munching on her steak.

Collin was a bit frustrated. After he served the soup, he backed off to the entrance and stood silently.

Chase sat down and sniffed the soup. "Mr. Blanchet's cooking is kinda meh. It doesn't smell that great either."

Collin didn't know what to say.

Ellinor finished her lunch leisurely and then put down her knife and fork.

All the steak was gone, and she had downed half a bowl of mushroom soup.

But the bowl of meat soup on her left was left untouched.

Just when Collin had given up hope, Ellinor suddenly picked up the bowl of soup again.

Collin lit up, and his hope sprang anew.

Though Ellinor was acting cold and indifferent, she still had a soft spot for Mr. Blanchet. She couldn't bear not to drink the soup he personally made for her.

Maybe it was because the soup was too hot earlier and she wanted to wait for it to cool down.

If Mr. Blanchet saw Ellinor drinking the soup he made, he'd definitely be over the moon.

With that thought, Collin sneakily took out his phone to capture the moment of Ellinor sipping on the soup for Mr. Blanchet.

In the frame, Ellinor picked up the bowl of soup, blew on it to cool it down, then got up and walked to a corner of the living room. She then bent down and poured all the soup into the cat's bowl.

Her fat cat, Milo, strolled over to drink the soup.

Ellinor even lovingly stroked the cat's head. "Drink up! It's all yours!"


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