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The Kiss that Sparked it All novel Chapter 1271

Recently, Belinda had been popping up here quite often. So when the doorbell rang, Collin naturally thought it was her again. But it turned out to be Mr. Blanchet's friend, Sophia.

Sophia didn't seem surprised when Collin opened the door. She already knew this was cooked up by Theo.

"Collin, is Ellinor home? I'd like to see her."

Sophia's sudden arrival made Collin a bit jumpy. He was worried about what drama might kick off if the two girls met, given that they had already had a run-in before.

"Yes, Ellinor's home, Ms. Sophia. What's up?"

Sophia came to invite Ellinor to her birthday dinner.

Collin seemed a bit uneasy. "Um..."

Sophia knew what Collin was worried about. She chuckled. "Relax; I've already run this by Theo. He's cool with it."

"I see. Well, make yourself at home in the living room. I'll go fetch Ellinor. But she might be taking a nap."

Sophia breezily shook her head. "No problem. If she's napping, don't wake her. I can wait. No rush."

Collin thanked Sophia for her understanding and then made his way to Ellinor's room.

Ellinor wasn't sleeping. She was scrolling through online stores on her phone, looking to buy some baby clothes. Her due date was approaching, and she had a lot to prepare.


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