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The Kiss that Sparked it All novel Chapter 1270

Chase took the chocolate but didn't eat it. He just held it and asked. "Did you buy this chocolate, or was it Jacob?"

Belinda replied honestly. "Jacob bought it for me."

Chase raised an eyebrow. "You're moved by a box of chocolate worth a couple of bucks? I thought it would take at least high-end chocolates to impress you."

Belinda expressed her dissatisfaction with Chase's attitude.

"Mr. Larios, either eat it or give me back the chocolate! Not everyone is as loaded as you, who is able to casually buy a box of chocolates worth hundreds of dollars."

Chase chuckled at her. "You actually can. Your uncle could even invite a top-notch chocolatier to your house to make you chocolates on the spot, right?"

Belinda's eyes flickered. "I could, but Jacob can't. His family is just average earners; they can't afford to splurge on chocolates."

Chase laughed lightly. "Spending a bit extra on chocolates for his girlfriend is considered wasteful?"

Belinda was clearly upset, and she defended her boyfriend. "If I asked, Jacob would definitely buy it for me! But I don't want him to waste money because of me!"

Chase shook his head with a smile. He casually put the chocolate on a side table, stood up, and looked down at Belinda somewhat smugly.

"Do you know that it's best for girls not to lower their living standards? You can save for him once or twice, but can you keep lowering your living standards for him in the long run?"

Belinda avoided Chase's gaze and turned her face. "How am I lowering my living standards? You told me before that Jacob's family is not bad. His parents are educated, and you said he's excellent."

Chase sighed lightly. "I did say that, but it was to other female employees in the company. I didn't expect you to fall for Jacob so quickly."

This "fall for" made Belinda uncomfortable, implying that she had fallen out of love with him. But they were never together in the first place!


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