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The Kiss that Sparked it All novel Chapter 1277

Mutual friends?

How on earth could those two have mutual friends?

“No need, Ms. Sophia. Please go entertain the other guests. I’m fine on my own.”

But Sophia insisted. “No can do. Ellinor, you’re pregnant; you can’t be on your feet for too long! Come, let me find you a seat and get you some food and drinks.”

Sophia’s enthusiasm was so overwhelming that Ellinor couldn’t refuse; even though she wasn’t particularly fond of Sophia, she had no choice but to follow her.

Sophia led her to the VIP area, where there were sofas, but it was far from quiet, as three men were occupying the sofas.

Jonah was holding a glass of wine and having a grand old time chatting with Kemp and Bartlett. Upon seeing Sophia bring someone over, he stopped his joke mid-sentence and squinted his eyes. “Oh! I was wondering who that was. It’s the Ellinor who ran away from Theo with the baby.”

Ellinor shot Jonah a glance and ignored him.

Kemp was somewhat surprised to see Ellinor; as a courtesy, he nodded at her as a greeting.

As for Bartlett, the smile on his face never faded after seeing Ellinor.

Sophia brought Ellinor in front of them. “Ellinor, you know these guys, right? Sit here for a bit; I’ll get someone to bring you some food.”

Ellinor didn’t bother being polite and just sat down on an empty sofa.

Sophia then spoke to Jonah and the others, still all smiles. “I need to go attend to my friends who’ve come to celebrate my birthday. I’m counting on you guys to look after Ellinor!”

Jonah, with a smirk on his face, raised his glass. “Sure! No problem! We can catch up; it’s been a while. Right, Ellinor?”

Ellinor still ignored him.


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