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The Kiss that Sparked it All novel Chapter 1278

"What's got your knickers in a twist?"

A cold and stern voice echoed from behind them.

Everyone turned to see Theo's tall figure strolling towards them.

Jonah quickly forced a laugh. "Theo, you're here! It's nothing! I was just messing around with Ellinor. That's all!"

Kemp shot Jonah a glare. "He says he doesn't want to be your wife. If anything, he'd rather be your husband."

Theo frowned; his gaze on Jonah was filled with distaste.

Jonah awkwardly chuckled, shot Kemp a dirty look, and got up from the couch to make room for Theo.

"Kemp, that's a low blow. I never said that last part." Jonah retorted.

While keeping a poker face, Kemp solemnly replied, "You didn't say it, but it's what you were thinking."

"You're really crossing the line!"

Jonah vacated the seat next to Ellinor for Theo, opting to sit next to Kemp instead. However, Theo didn't take the seat next to Ellinor. Instead, he went around to sit on a single couch.

This move seemed trivial, but it cast a cold chill over the room.

Jonah and Kemp exchanged glances.

At this point, Bartlett stood up with a smile, took the cold drink from Ellinor's hand, and gently said, "Don't drink this. I’ll get you a cup of hot milk in a bit."

Ellinor nodded. "Thanks."

This entire time, she never once looked at Theo, fearing it would dampen her mood.

She was here to find her mother's self-portrait, not to chat with these men.


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