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The Kiss that Sparked it All novel Chapter 1279

Jonah asked Theo. “Dude, you just got here. Where are you running off to now?”

Theo casually replied, “I’ve gotta make a phone call."

Jonah didn't push it. He turned to Kemp and said, "What do you think is up with Theo and Ellinor? Ellinor is pregnant, you know."

Kemp shot him a glance. "Mind your own business!"

Jonah just chuckled and then turned to Bartlett, who was sitting across from him, nursing a drink. "I couldn't help but notice that you seem pretty concerned about Ellinor. You guys go way back or something? How come I've never heard about you guys being connected before?"

Bartlett smiled in response. "Didn't I tell you guys? I've known Ellinor for a long time, even before she met Theo."

Jonah paused for a second, sensing some underlying meaning in Bartlett's tone. He glanced at Kemp, and they exchanged a knowing look.

Bartlett downed his drink and put the empty glass on the table. "I’ve gotta step out for a call too."

Jonah was speechless. He watched as Bartlett walked away and then shook his head. "I bet they didn't go out to make a call. What do you think, Kemp?"

While swirling his half-empty glass, Kemp replied, "Maybe."

Jonah chuckled. "I bet they both went to find Ellinor."

Kemp didn't respond.

Instead of heading to the restroom, Ellinor walked along the wall of the banquet hall, looking at the famous paintings hanging there. She didn't spot her mother's self-portrait and started wondering if perhaps her mother's paintings weren't famous enough to be displayed here.


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