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The Kiss that Sparked it All novel Chapter 1286

Sophia stared at Bartlett's profile for a while and then said appreciatively, "I really admire your attitude. A lot of guys would be bothered by a woman's past."

Bartlett just gave her a light smile. He didn't talk about himself but asked her, "What about you?"

Sophia was a little confused. "Me? What?"

"I mean, what's your opinion on Theo? He has a kid with another woman, but you don't seem to mind."

Because of Bartlett's honesty, Sophia didn't hesitate to express her views. "To be honest, I don't really mind. If necessary, Theo and I can raise the child together.

I think my current situation with Theo is very compatible. Our personalities complement each other, and we both feel very comfortable when we're together.

Although Theo might still have feelings for Ellinor, their personalities don't match, they don't feel happy when they're together, and it's not going to last.

So, I believe that Theo will eventually choose me."

Bartlett turned his head to look at her while smiling sincerely. "I wish you the best."

Sophia returned the smile. "I wish you the best too."

They continued their journey until Bartlett saw a black car parked by the road.

He recognized the license plate; it belonged to the Blanchet family.

Bartlett parked his car, ran with Sophia to the black car, and knocked on the window.

The window slowly came down, revealing Theo's cold profile.

Bartlett instinctively leaned in to look but didn't see Ellinor.


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