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The Kiss that Sparked it All novel Chapter 1287

Theo didn't even glance at her. A cigarette hung from his mouth as he spoke, "Alright, get in."

A smirk flickered in Sophia's eyes. She then circled to the other side of the car and took a seat next to Theo.

Once Sophia was in the car, Theo slowly exhaled a puff of smoke and gave a slight nod to the driver, a signal for him to start driving.

The car started to move at a steady pace.

Sophia looked out at the passing street scene, then turned her head to Theo with a flirtatious look in her eyes. "Theo, you seem a bit out of it. Did you have another row with Ellinor?"

Theo didn't answer. He asked her coldly, "Where are you headed? Back to the hotel or the party venue?"

Sophia thought for a moment. "Tell the driver to take me back to the hotel. The party is almost over anyway; it’s pointless going back. I’ll just ring up Jonah and the others to make sure the guests are taken care of.”

Theo grunted in response, giving the driver a look through the rear-view mirror.

The driver made a turn and started heading towards Sophia’s hotel.

Sophia didn’t stop pressing. “Theo, you haven’t answered my question. Is Ellinor still refusing to forgive you?”

Theo stubbed out his cigarette. “Enough about her.”

Sophia feigned a sigh. “Ah, seems like Ellinor’s misunderstanding about you is still deep. You treat her so well, so she should trust you. Why wouldn’t she trust you?”

Theo let out a sarcastic chuckle but didn’t say a word.

Sophia tried to engage him a few more times, but when there was no response, she wisely quieted down.

She was afraid Theo would get annoyed if she kept pushing.


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