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The Kiss that Sparked it All novel Chapter 1290

Ellinor smirked; her smile was a mix of politeness and sarcasm. "Really?"

Balfour nodded. "Yes, really! The past issues with Mom and the family had nothing to do with you. Even though they once doubted your lineage because of the rumors, everyone calmed down and believed that you were a child of the Howard family."

Ellinor sneered. "Well, thanks to your family then!"

Balfour looked at her indifferent expression. He felt helpless and realized that he did not have many options when it came to Ellinor.

Ellinor was pregnant, and Balfour was worried about letting her leave. After thinking for a while, he tried again. "You don't want to see Theo, right? The only way he won't bother you is if you stay here. I can promise you that from now until you give birth, and even during your recovery, Theo won't show his face."

Ellinor paused; she had to admit that the condition Balfour proposed was very attractive to her.

She had two reasons as to why she moved back from Bartlett's villa to the city. The first was because Theo found out, and the second was because her due date was approaching.

Even though Bartlett promised to get the best doctors for her, she was still very worried about any special circumstances during the delivery, which might not be handled in time due to a lack of equipment.

She didn't want to take risks, and she didn't want her child to face risks either.

She was also afraid that Theo would snatch the baby when she was still unconscious after delivery since she would be easily accessible in Greenhaven.

After much consideration, Ellinor had a thought. "If you let me stay here, how will you explain it to your family? You know, I don't want them to know who I am!"


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